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Simucoin private properties are only available through the SimuCoin Store on a limited basis. They are different from private properties in the features available to them, the method of obtaining them, the lack of monthly rent due, the fact that the purchaser designs one from the ground up, and other features.

A private property will cost $1,111 to a Premium subscriber purchasing batches of 13,500 Simucoins.

Purchasers will always have access to their home, as it will not be repossessed.


Properties will not be built in areas such as OTF, the Rift, or Nelemar. Building may be restricted in other areas as well.


All included
  • 6 rooms with up to 5 props per room (portals and trash cans do not count as props)
  • The key to the property (plus extras for alts/friends)
    • Keys may be neck, waist, or belt worn as long as the long description shows they're suspended accordingly
    • You must request the key be worn, and specify where it is to be worn
    • Keys may only have the nouns key, passkey, or latchkey
  • Custom day and night room text for each room
  • Main entry to the property (gate, trail, path, door, etc)
  • 250 lbs of secure, lockable storage
  • 5 custom food items, 3 custom drinks (you can create custom taste messaging for both types)
    • Food and drink containers allow for custom GET messaging
  • 1 trash can per room (if wanted)
  • Property related post name title
  • 1 earth node
  • Single item display container OR glass-topped container (does use storage, does not count toward the prop total)
  • 3 pre-existing scripts. Previous scripts that have been used and may possibly be used again include:
    • Fireworks Press
    • EZ-Scripts (up to 6 verbs that can be distributed among up to 3 props)
    • Archery/Darts
    • Permanent Meditation Mats
    • Humidors (unlimited cigars)
    • Tea Stoves
    • Custom Trees you can carve your initials in and get bark/leaves from
    • Dance Floors
    • Ice Skating
    • Swimming
    • Ambients in all rooms (5-6 messages per room, 4-5 messages for day and 4-5 for night if room has messaging for both)
    • Custom GO messaging on 5 portals

  • other scripts possibly available, there is no definitive list. Requires working with GM in charge of build to see if a script you wish to use is compatible/usable with Private Properties.

Choice of ONE of the following (future additional purchases may be possible)
  • enchanting workshop
  • summoning chamber
  • shrine to any one deity
  • Cross-realm/intrarealm transport by owner to property (town-to-home, unlimited, no groups, goes on owner's key, cannot be used to travel to/from/on FWI)
  • a fishing area stocked with fish and a cook fire

Free Scripts (not counted toward 3 pre-existing; the script is free, but the prop does count toward the prop total unless otherwise noted)
  • 'Bench' script (can have custom 'sit' messaging for 1st, 3rd, and invisible views)
  • Trash can script (can have custom messaging for 1st, 3rd, and invisible views when trash is placed IN the container; does not count toward prop count)
  • Mirrors
  • Lanterns (use light/extinguish and add a few ambients to the room)
  • WaveDancer bed
  • Fireplaces
  • PEER Window script (Can view a room through the window)
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  • Only full citizens may build within the walls of Ta'Illistim and Ta'Vaalor
  • Any home in a town must be built on the outskirts and not near any node
  • Homes within Ta'Vaalor or Ta'Illistim must fit with that city's specific image (white/pale stone in Ta'Illistim, no run-down structures in either town, etc.)
  • No military structures in or around Ta'Illistim or Ta'vaalor
  • No building in dangerous hunting grounds or areas that require skill checks (OTF, Nelemar, Rift, Aradhul Road, etc.)
  • Final building location is subject to approval by the Private Property guru, with the local town guru having final approval. (The town guru is not to be contacted by anyone other than the Private Property guru.)
  • No building within existing structures or rooms that already have existing homes
  • Lor may only be used in small amounts as adornment outside of the Elven Nations. Inside the Elven Nations, slightly larger quantities may be used.
  • Properties may not be built in the Seethe Naedal area outside Ta'Illistim.
  • Absolutely NO properties in space, other dimensions, wormholes, voids, rifts, alternate realities, alternate time lines, etc.
  • Other restrictions may apply

Denied Requests

The following have previously been denied when requested in properties:

  • Gambling games such as Let It Ride
  • Profession guild workshops
  • Cobbling workshops
  • Forging workshops
  • Traveler's Song Anchor
  • Super node

Other Information

  • One personal item may be permanently added to the property
    • The item cannot offer any mechanical advantage
    • The item can never be removed from the property
    • The item must either already work when not held, or the script owner must agree to update the script
    • The script owner must agree to allow the item to be used permanently in the property
  • A display container and OPEN/CLOSE or custom GO messaging as a script slot
    • Can select either the single item display container or glass-topped container
    • Can have a mix of OPEN/CLOSE and GO messaging on 4 props
    • Can substitute container for additional OPEN/CLOSE or GO messaging on one additional item
  • There is a strict 511 character limit for room descriptions, including two spaces after periods
  • There is a strict 32 character limit for room names


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