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Players have the opportunity to design rooms as officers of officially recognized player organizations (CHEs and MHOs), and through purchases of SimuCoin private properties. {These rules also apply to personalizing a playershop, which also have additional rules with regards to sales containers?}.

All new rooms will be a delayed service and go through QC.

[Room Name]

This may be no more than 31 characters, not including brackets. The name can be a [Single Title] (e.g. [The Riotous Tavern]), or a [General Location, Specific Location] (e.g. [The Riotous Tavern, Barroom]).

Room Description

This may be no more than 511 characters. There must be a double space after the end of each sentence. There is a little flexibility after the room description to include a "You also see" section for items and/or portals that do not fit in the main description, and this sentence will not count towards the 511 characters of the main room description.

Outside rooms and rooms with referenced windows may have separate day and night descriptions.


Props include furniture and anything that may be interacted with, excluding portals. While there are technically no specific limits to the number of props in a room, different services and types of organizations will be assigned limits by the overseeing GameMaster. Props should follow the alteration 15/15/15 rule and may have a look description as well (limit 511 characters); additional items may be put in that description. The additional items within a look description may be interacted with as well.

Obvious Exits and Portals

This may be none (assuming there are portals into and out of the room, either visible or hidden), or any cardinal direction.

There is no limit to the number of visible portals connected to the room, but there comes a point where it gets cluttered. This can be worked around, for example, by using "You also see a series of doors" instead of, "You also see this door, that door, the other door, and yet another door." When the series of doors is LOOKed at, one will see all of the doors listed.


Allow/don't allow:

Ambient Messaging

A room may have ambient atmospheric messaging that triggers on a fixed timer adding life. This messaging may add sounds, smells, and visual aspects to the room. The frequency of the messaging can be adjusted in seconds. Rooms with day and night descriptions can have separate day and night messaging. The number of messages allowed will vary by organization or service type.

Day/Night Rooms

Any room that describes the sun or moon must have both a day and night description. While this usually applies to outdoor rooms, it also includes indoor rooms with windows. Any props must exist in both the day and night description, but may have different descriptions for each occurrence (i.e. in the room description and LOOK description).

Designing a day/night room is essentially the same as designing two rooms, but for CHE and private property purposes (and likely MHO), it only counts as one.


The illumination level of a room can be set separate from day/night status. The options are normal, bright, and foggy.


Flower gardens can be added to rooms with flowers that have blossoms that can be PLUCKed. Any flower can be made pluckable, but there is a list of specific flowers that can be added where the plucked blossom will have a scent:

amaranth, angelica, bleeding-heart, buttercup, butterflyweed, carnation, cothinar flower, crocus, daffodil, daisy, dragonstalk, flamestalk, freesia, gardenia, ginger blossom, goldenrod, heather, heliotrope, hibiscus, honeysuckle, Imaera's Lace, iris, lilac, lily, jasmine, magnolia, monkeyflower, moonflower, mournbloom, nightshade, orange blossom, orchid, passionflower, phlox, plumeria, poppy, rose, snapdragon, sunflower, tulip, violet, or zinnia

Click on Expand just below and to the right for a flower/scent table.

Flower Scent
cothinar flower
dragonstalk It has a light, tropical fragrance, reminiscent of an ocean breeze.
ginger blossom
Imaera's Lace
lilac It has a heavy, sweet scent with musky overtones.
mournbloom It has a sweet, heady aroma, honeylike and almost overwhelming.
orange blossom
snapdragon It has a spicy scent of cloves with musky undertones.
zinnia It has a unique, heavy fragrance that lingers on the senses.

Gardens can be located in outdoor or indoor rooms, although indoors they should be in something that makes sense, like flower pots. Depending on the channel through which the room is being built, there may be a limit on the number of flowers in a single garden.