Slim Jyhm's, Picks 'n Such

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Slim Jyhm's, Picks 'n Such is a locksmith shop in Solhaven. It is located in a storefront on the north side of the boardwalk on Jag Hill in Marshtown.

[Slim Jyhm's, Picks 'n Such]
Narrow and windowless, this room isn't much more than a closet. A lantern hangs low over the single showcase and an attentive half-elven fellow stands behind it, offering information and prices to those that ask. You also see a wooden sign and the locksmith Nerm.


Welcome to Slim Jyhm's, Picks 'n Such!

Nerm offers his catalog to browse.
Nerm exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a blue-tinged tarnished brass lockpick   7. a deep amber colored laje lockpick
  2. a stained white ivory lockpick           8. a shell-inlaid black rolaren lockpick
  3. a dull brushed silver lockpick           9. a red-speckled sturdy invar lockpick
  4. a pitted light grey ora lockpick         10. a leather lockpick case
  5. a blue-hued wavy mithril lockpick        11. a brown canvas tool kit
  6. a translucent golden glaes lockpick      12. a set of professional calipers