Sorena's Emporium

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Sorena's Emporium is the Alchemist shop in Icemule Trace. It is located in the underground tunnels accessible from the fog on Illusionist Way in the northwest quadrant of town.

[Sorena's Emporium]
Lamps are slung from some of the thickest roots. Shelves have been hollowed out of the walls and are filled with dark glass jars and clay pots. A slab of granite in the center of the room serves as the worktable. It is covered with vials, tubes, candles and various tools of alchemy. Fluids, in all colors of the spectrum, bubble and hiss in their glass containers. You also see a polished wooden counter with a neatly-lettered sign on it, the Alchemist Sorena and a large iron-bound barrel.


Welcome to Sorena's Emporium!

Alchemist Sorena offers his catalog to browse.
Sorena exclaims, "Person!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."

  1. a bent iron wand          21. a knobby hoarbeam pestle
  2. a thin golden wand        22. a crystal-inset dark iron mortar
  3. a slender blue wand       23. a small opaque crystal flask
  4. a crude crystal wand      24. a pale white jade runestone
  5. a long twisted wand       25. a thin ivory-handled brush
  6. a smooth bone wand        26. a short bone-handled brush
  7. a short oaken wand        27. a jade-inlaid ivory ink bottle
  8. a rohnuru potion          28. a blackened bone ink bottle
  9. a duqnuru potion          29. a blue crystal ink bottle
  10. a dirtokh potion         30. a fluted silver ink bottle
  11. a mirtokh potion         31. a shiny gold ink bottle
  12. a sisfu potion           32. a crude dark clay cup
  13. a sarmoc potion          33. an aish'vrak potion     
  14. a lacquered fir rod      34. some waxy translucent chalk 
  15. a lacquered pine rod     35. some fine crystalline chalk 
  16. a lacquered beech rod    36. a leather-bound tome
  17. a grot t'kel potion      37. a bone-inlaid wolf hide grimoire
  18. a tall glass jar         38. an ivory-inlaid walrus hide grimoire
  19. a thick glass jar        40. a copper-tipped long silver needle
  20. a thin iron-encased vial 41. a bottle of tattoo ink

  Backroom Catalog
  39. a smooth stone