Spell Thieve

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Spell Thieve
Available To Rogues
Mnemonic [THIEVE]
Cost Base 15 (-5 Rank 1, -5 Rank 2, -3 Rank 3) Stamina
Roundtime {{{roundtime}}}
Requirements An ensorcelled or anti-magical weapon
Prerequisites None
Rank Square
1 2  
5 10

Spell Thieve is a combat maneuver available to Rogues


Attempt to use the unnatural energy of your ensorcelled or anti-magical weapon to sever a spell away from your target. It is easier to sever a spell away from a heavily spelled up target than it is from a lightly spelled up one (base -25 penalty to success, reduced by +1 per magical spell/effect on the target). This is mentally taxing, requiring a recovery period of 60 seconds, minus 6 seconds per rank.

If the spell is a beneficial spell that may be cast upon others, a remnant of it can be stolen. A stolen spell will only last for 30 seconds (or less, if the spell had less than 30 seconds remaining already).

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