Spin Attack

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Spin Attack
Mnemonic [sattack]
Type Attack
Roundtime ATTACK-2
Stamina Cost 15
Requirements None
Attributes Hostile
Initiator Stance Penalty
Shield Defensive Bonus
Target Stance Bonus
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Bards, Monks
Available In Combat Maneuvers
Guild Skills
Rank Square Semi
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8 12 
5 10 15


The user of this combat maneuver will see an increase to their Attack Strength (AS) and Dodge Skill of +3 per rank for the duration of one attack. Can be used in an unarmed attack by specifying the unarmed attack type (e.g. "cman sattack kick kobold").

Additional Information

A Spin Attack is two seconds faster than a traditional attack.

This maneuver is also available through the Warrior Guild as a warrior trick.

Stamina cost

The minimum stamina cost is 8 and the maximum is 15. Additional stamina costs are determined by the Base Weapon Speed of your attack. Weapon weight is no longer a factor in the stamina cost of this maneuver.

  • For weapons with a base speed of 5 or less, a stamina penalty of +2 per second of base speed is applied.
  • For weapons with a base speed greater than 5, an escalating penalty of an additional +1 stamina per second over 5 seconds is applied. This additional +1 stamina penalty is applied on top of whatever the previous second's stamina penalty is.
  • For two weapon combat, an effective Base Weapon Speed is calculated by taking the primary weapon's base speed, adding half the secondary weapon's base speed (rounded up), and adding 1 to the result.