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Most towns have a stable. These stables are used in the Mount System with pay event-purchased stalls and for fast travel. Here is the list of stables currently in the lands:

Icemule Trace

[Snowflake Vale, Forest]
The icy path emerges from the darkness of the evergreen forest into a shallow valley of mixed conifers and deciduous trees.  The valley floor is snow-covered, making the meandering trails highly visible. You also see a crooked wooden fence marking a wide bridle path.

Kharam Dzu (a.k.a. Teras Isle)

From town gates: s, s, e, e, go arch

[Golvern Street]
The street is drilled into the walls of the canyon.  Just outside the great tunnel leading into the rock, several small homes skirt the street.  They are all freshly-whitewashed, and some have small shrubberies planted out front. You also see an ironwork gate.

Mist Harbor

[Ceiluir Glade, Small Park]
The cobblestone path widens, becoming a large rectangular common area.  Wrought iron benches have been placed along the perimeter of the platform and flanked with tall ceramic vases of flowers.  At the center of the commons is a large rose garden filled with hues ranging from white to pale lavender.  A pair of short stone steps leads down to the east toward a small reflection pool. You also see an elegant modwir archway leading into a plush green pasture.

River's Rest

From the Drawbridge: e, ne, go path

[South River Road] 
The river branches here at the edge of a stone breakwater surrounding the riverfront of this part of town.  As a result, the river is slowed down considerably as it flows around the north and south sides of town.  You also see a watchtower overlooking the road and the eastern half of town, its guards wary of any mischievous travelers. You also see a rough-trod path that leads toward a grassy meadow.


From Caravansary Entrance: go entrance, se, go gate

[Vornavis Caravansary, Stable]
A dilapidated stable leans in on itself, looking more like a good excuse for a fire than any real form of shelter.  A serviceable corral built of oak posts and rails is attached at the west end of the building. You also see a wide oak gate.


[Sylvarraend, Wooded Trail]
The trail winds around a small pond overhung with moss-draped oaks.  Several ducks float about the pond, occasionally ducking their heads beneath to fish for dinner.  A rough oak gate gives entrance to a rich, green meadow encircled by a crude wooden fence.


[Ta'Illistim, Vaeshean Wey]
The high city wall is unbroken save for the postern gate, an arch of heavy blocks with a marble keystone and latticework portcullis.  Atop the wall, the sapphire and silver pennants of House Illistim flutter in the breeze.  The cobblestones around the passage are worn smooth and slick. You also see a city guardsman, and a carved mistwood gate.


[Yander's Farm, Barn]
The rear of the barn appears as new and sturdy as any of the other sides.  A sliding door is mounted on the west end of the wall.  Paths extend through the weeds in different directions.  The path to the southwest appears well traveled, as does the path to the west.  Those to the east and southeast are somewhat more overgrown with weeds and more difficult to follow.  A large mound rises to the east, and it appears to defy the weeds that cluster around it.

Wehnimer's Landing

From the town gates: s, e, e, e, s, s, go stable

[Wehnimer's, The Mews]
The large, barn-like structure that dominates the north side of the block is the city stable.  Through a ground-floor window can be seen the rows of now-empty stalls in the dark interior.  The pavement just outside is strewn with straw and debris that merits a careful step along this part of the road.  To the west is the main square and its cobblestoned bazaar, where furious trading takes place on a daily basis.