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Towns are areas where adventurers are generally safe from creatures, in which they can rest, replenish supplies, and socialize.

List of Towns

Starter Towns

The three default starter towns or cities, where new adventurers first steps into the lands, are:

Major Towns

In addition to the three starter towns, other major towns or cities frequented by adventurers include:

Minor Towns and Communities

Some smaller settlements and communities can be visited in the world. These locations may only have some of the features of major towns, and they do not grant citizenship to adventurers. Most are associated with a nearby town or city.

  • Brisker's Cove, a city in the county of Seareach, located between River's Rest and Solhaven and accessible by sailing
  • Elven village, located east of Wehnimer's Landing and with cultural and political ties to Ta'Vaalor
  • The Flotilla, a floating town which can only be accessed by sailing
  • Giantman Village, which frequently has its location changed in the environs of Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, and Icemule Trace
  • Cold River Village, a small settlement in the far north of the Hinterwilds (post-cap)
  • Khazar's Hold, a town outside of Zul Logoth along the western slopes of the Dragonspine
  • Marshtown, a small hamlet on the northern outskirts of Solhaven
  • Mistwatch, a port town in the realm of Ta'Vaalor located east of the main city
  • Northern Caravansary, a small trading camp just south of Wehnimer's Landing
  • Pinefar, a halfling trading post in the foothills of Mount Aenatumgana (min level 24)
  • Ravelin, a village in the realm of Ta'Vaalor located just northwest of the main city
  • Sylvarraend, a hamlet in the realm of Ta'Illistim located southeast of the main city
  • Vornavis, the formal city seat of government for Solhaven and the Barony of Vornavis
  • Vornavis Caravansary, a small trading camp outside of Solhaven and just north of Vornavis
  • Zhindel's Post, a town outside of Zul Logoth along the eastern slopes of the Dragonspine




New to town? Check out the local resting spots.

Common town services for adventurers include:

Residents of a town may acquire citizenship over time. Towns also feature a justice system, complete with judge and constable-like figures of authority, jails, stocks and gallows.


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