Stacked Vintners

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Stacked Vintners is a food shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located in the Burghal Gnome Enclave northeast of the Great Dome.

[Stacked Vintners, Winery]
The shop is artificially divided into a front and back by means of a ceiling-high stack of oaken barrels. A small counter sits in front of the wall of casks near an artistic gnomish wine press, further delineating the public and private space. You also see the Vinter Bezzik.


Welcome to Stacked Vinters!

The Vinter Bezzik offers his catalog to browse.
Bezzik exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a bottle of pomegranate wine   6. a bottle of currant wine
  2. a bottle of grapefruit wine    7. a bottle of winterberry wine
  3. a bottle of red wine           8. a bottle of lilac wine
  4. a bottle of iceblossom wine    9. a bottle of raspberry wine
  5. a bottle of pink wine          10. a bottle of hearty plum wine

  Backroom Catalog
  11. some wild grapes            17. some black currants
  12. some neartofar grapes       18. a bundle of dandelions
  13. some ravelin grapes         19. a bundle of lilacs
  14. some yander's farm grapes   20. a bundle of roses
  15. a handful of blueberries    21. some ground nutmeg
  16. a handful of cherries       22. some mulling spices