Star sedge

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Star sedge (also called starsedge or xia'saj) is a type of grass native to Atan Irith.

Star sedge blossoms at twilight and has a natural iridescence on the bright green sepals cupping the pink-white blossoms. The healing properties are what draw the Inyexat – it brings back that which is needed to read the stars, their eyes. It grows only in the Undermere, but it grows in abundance. Out of all the celestial sedges, it is the one most sacred to the Inyexat. Cultivation is difficult but not impossible, and with Inyexat permission, some erithi towns do cultivate their own xia'saj.

It heals missing eyes.

Star sedge is considered a rarer material. Because of this, it requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.

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