Strength of Will (1119)

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Strength of Will (1119)
Mnemonic [WILL]
Base Duration 1200 sec
Added Duration +60 sec per Empath rank
Span Stackable
Defensive Magic  
Subtype DS, TD 
Defensive Strength +12 (all) 
Target Defense +12 (spiritual) 
Availability Self-cast 
Empath Base Spells
Harm (1101) Attack
Heal (1101) Healing
Limb Repair (1102) Healing
System Repair (1103) Healing
Head Repair (1104) Healing
Organ Repair (1105) Healing
Bone Shatter (1106) Attack
Adrenal Surge (1107) Utility
Empathy (1108) Attack
Empathic Focus (1109) Defensive
Empathic Assault (1110) Attack
Limb Scar Repair (1111) Healing
System Scar Repair (1112) Healing
Head Scar Repair (1113) Healing
Organ Scar Repair (1114) Healing
Wither (1115) Attack
Rapid Healing (1116) Healing
Empathic Link (1117) Attack
Herb Production (1118) Utility
Strength of Will (1119) Defensive
Sympathy (1120) Attack
Troll's Blood (1125) Healing
Intensity (1130) Defensive
Solace (1140) Healing
Regeneration (1150) Healing


Strength of Will gifts the Empath with even more improved mental abilities. It provides a bonus of +12 to defensive strength and spiritual target defense.

  • Further training in the Empath's base spell list improves on this by providing another +1 to both TD and DS for every 3 Empath spell ranks known above 1119, up to a maximum of +25.
  • the mana cost of the spell increases by 1 for ever +3 DS and TD boost.


Spell Starting and Refreshing:

You feel an aura of resolve surround you.  The exhilarating sensation sends your heart racing and a warm flush tingling through your body.

Spell Ending:

Your aura of resolve dissipates.

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