Empath Base

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Empath Base Spell Circle
Circle Potency Pure
Sphere Alignment Spiritual/Mental Hybrid
Relevant Stats Wisdom
Available To Empaths
Associated Circles Minor Spiritual
Major Spiritual
Empath Base Spells
Harm (1101) Attack
Heal (1101) Healing
Limb Repair (1102) Healing
System Repair (1103) Healing
Head Repair (1104) Healing
Organ Repair (1105) Healing
Bone Shatter (1106) Attack
Adrenal Surge (1107) Utility
Empathy (1108) Attack
Empathic Focus (1109) Defensive
Empathic Assault (1110) Attack
Limb Scar Repair (1111) Healing
System Scar Repair (1112) Healing
Head Scar Repair (1113) Healing
Organ Scar Repair (1114) Healing
Wither (1115) Attack
Rapid Healing (1116) Healing
Empathic Link (1117) Attack
Herb Production (1118) Utility
Strength of Will (1119) Defensive
Sympathy (1120) Attack
Troll's Blood (1125) Healing
Intensity (1130) Defensive
Solace (1140) Healing
Regeneration (1150) Healing

The Empath Base spell circle contains the self-healing magic available to Empaths as well as some attack and utility spells.

This circle is a hybrid form of magic between Spiritual and Mental spheres. However, for mechanical purposes, nearly all of the spells within it are currently considered purely spiritual. Warding attack and defense spells in the circle use Spiritual CS/TD.

Spells from Empath Base have the unique quality of requiring no physical gestures, and can be prepared and cast even with missing limbs or serious head injuries. They must still be vocalized, and effects such as silence, severe vocal cord damage, and anti-magic fields can prevent spellcasting.

Enhancements by Rank

All stackable and refreshable enhancement spells last for +60 sec per rank unless otherwise stated.

For lore enhancements, see Lore Chart.

Healing spells
All healing spells can heal more serious wounds after +5 ranks, and more serious scars after +4 ranks. For example, Limb Repair (1102) is obtained at rank 2 and can heal major wounds starting at rank 7, while Limb Scar Repair (1111) is obtained at level 11 and can heal major scars starting at rank 15. Additional training in the Empath Base spell circle reduces healing roundtime. These benefits are capped at level.
Empathic Focus (1109)
Adds +1 DS per 2 ranks above 9. Costs +1 mana per +3 DS (every 6 ranks).
Strength of Will (1119)
Adds +1 DS and TD per 3 ranks above 19, up to a maximum of +25 DS/TD at 58 ranks. Costs +1 mana per +3 DS and TD (every 9 ranks).
Intensity (1130)
Adds +1 AS and DS per 2 ranks above than 30. Costs +1 mana per +3 AS and DS (every 6 ranks).


Behind the Scenes

This circle, numbered in the 1100s, almost completely replaced the original Empath Base circle, which is numbered in the 800s and now used only for herbs and other healing objects. This transition allowed the circle to include spells other than those needed for healing, by compressing the healing spells into fewer spell slots. This became possible through the development of variable-effect spells.