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GemStone IV's subscription model is divided into four tiers: Free to Play (F2P), Standard, Premium, and Platinum.


Subscribers can upgrade/downgrade between Basic, Premium, and Platinum accounts at F2P accounts can be upgraded to any of the monthly paid accounts, but it is not possible to downgrade from a monthly account to a F2P account.

The following overview of subscription options is not meant to be comprehensive. See the individual subscription pages (F2P, Standard, Premium, Platinum) for much more detail on each account type.

Subscription F2P Standard Premium Platinum
Cost Free $14.95/mo. $39.95/mo. $49.95/mo.
Server Prime Prime Prime Prime + Platinum
Characters 1 1 standard character
$2.50/mo. per additional char
16 16 on Prime
30 on Platinum
Experience Slower learning after level 10 † Normal Normal Normal
Item Storage 100 carried items † 500 carried items
50 items in single locker ‡
500 carried items
100 items in every town ‡
Same as Premium
Travel No restrictions No restrictions Premium transport system Platinum Portal (Platinum server only)
Free SimuCoins - 150 per month 525 per month 725 per month
Extra Features - - Merchant Services
Event Discounts
Long-term Benefits
and more...
Premium benefits
Unique festivals and storylines

† Restriction can be alleviated with SimuCoin store purchases.

‡ Can be increased by joining a Cooperative House.


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