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Suffusion was announced by GameMaster Viduus on October 12, 2021. Suffusion allows any class with a service offering (Enchant (925), Ensorcell (735), mystic tattoos, grit, etc.) to convert profession resource points (essence, necro, grit, motes) into an alternative energy that can be used to offset skill deficiencies. The goal of this mechanic is to allow roughly two T5-tier level attempts with an increased 500 skill per year.

Since not all professions are created the same, each has a custom conversion rate based on primary profession resource accumulation. You can find your rate by using SUFFUSE HELP when on an eligible class.

Additional notes:

  • There are no caps on the amount of suffused energy you can store.
  • Low level service providers can use suffused energy to offset level and skill inadequacies.
  • You may use the suffused energy to test item casts. The energy will only be expended when you actually perform the service, not on test casts.
  • Even with suffusion you are still subject to the native fumble rolls of the service.
  • Failing a service will result in a loss of 10% of the suffused energy applied to the service.
  • You can use the SUFFUSE ESTIMATE option to determine the exact amount of suffused energy required to completely offset skill inadequacies. This estimate is the amount needed for a 99% success but is dependent on the conditions present at time of use. If you aren't in a workshop or shrine, are injured, low spirit, etc., then your estimate will factor in those conditions and may quote you more energy requirements than you actually need. The ideal use of this estimate is just before casting when you are already prepared to perform the actual service.

Conversion Table

Profession Service Conversion Rate Weekly Max
Bard Permanent loresong 1 point per 2,000 suffused 25
Cleric Sanctify 1 point per 2,000 suffused 25
Monk Mystic tattoo 1 point per 2,000 suffused 25
Ranger Resist Nature 1 point per 1,000 suffused 50
Sorcerer Ensorcell 1 point per 2,000 suffused 25
Warrior Grit 1 point per 150 suffused 333
Wizard Enchant 1 point per 400 suffused 125



  SUFFUSE                            Displays this help.
  SUFFUSE ESTIMATE                   Returns an estimate of suffused energy required for next attempt.
  SUFFUSE CONVERT {amount}           Converts lore knowledge into suffused energy.
  SUFFUSE APPLY {amount}             Grants {amount} in skill for 5 minutes or until your next attempt.
  SUFFUSE RELEASE                    Terminates 5 minute bonus.

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