Sylvarraend Campfire Supplies

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Sylvarraend Campfire Supplies is a shop in the Sylvarraend, around Ta'Illistim, that specializes in campfire supplies. It is located in at the Small Glade along the Wooded Trail.

[Woodcutter's Shed] RNUM: 32287, u13051028
Sawdust and woodchips cover the rough, uneven floor of the small shed. Pale moonlight filters through the dirty panes of a crooked, narrow window, illuminating bits of dust floating through the beams. An old board balanced over two crates is placed in the center of the small space. Leaning against one wall is a neatly stacked pile of wood. Hanging above an old wooden toolbox are several totes and satchels.
Obvious exits: out


  1. a slender steel dagger     8. a bundle of mesquite wood
  2. some flint                 9. a bundle of cherry wood
  3. a handful of tinder        10. a bundle of walnut wood
  4. a bundle of wood           11. a bundle of cedar wood
  5. a bundle of pine wood      12. a small leather tote
  6. a bundle of hickory wood   13. a dark brushed suede satchel
  7. a bundle of oak wood