Sylvarraend Clothiers

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Sylvarraend Clothiers is a shop in the Sylvarraend, around Ta'Illistim, that sells apparel. It is located in an elegant cottage on Foehn Var in the western side of town.

[Sylvarraend Clothiers] RNUM: 10076, u13051013
Scantily dressed mannequins line the far wall of this small shop. A glass counter lies somewhere under a huge pile of bolts of fabric in a vast array of colors and materials. In one corner of the room, open boxes lay on their side, most of the contents pulled out haphazardly and strewn over the plush sea-blue carpet. Several sachets overstuffed with rosemary are strategically placed about the room, their fragrant aroma filling the area. You also see the quiet shopkeeper, a simple wooden sign and an elderly seamstress.
Obvious exits: out


  1. a simple forest green velvet cloak   11. some strapping stone-grey trousers
  2. a hooded grey linen cloak            12. a pair of faded brown wool breeches
  3. a black tweeded wool greatcloak      13. an oversized soft wool jerkin
  4. a cobalt-blue cotton cape            14. a long-sleeved mauve linen shirt
  5. an elegant puce silk gown            15. a pair of soft leather slippers
  6. an embroidered ivory satin gown      16. a pair of dainty satin slippers
  7. a short dark leather skirt           17. a pair of supple leather boots
  8. a white satin wrap-around skirt      18. a pair of rugged climbing boots
  9. a pair of rose-patterned leggings    19. a midnight black velvet headcloth
  10. a pair of sea-blue satin leggings