Sylvarraend Sweet Shoppe

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Sylvarraend Sweet Shoppe is a shop in the Sylvarraend, around Ta'Illistim, that sells food, and specializes in desserts. It is located inside a small stone cottage in the Town Commons.

[Sylvarraend Sweet Shoppe] RNUM: 10065, u13051001
Illuminated by a blown-glaes chandelier hung from the cottage's crossbeam high above, the air is drenched in deliciously sweet and spicy smells. A long glaes-paned counter runs the length of this tiny shop. Nestled inside on small silver trays are various confections, each one more beautifully crafted than the last. You also see an old elven confectioner and a simple wooden sign.


  1. a caramel and chocolate nut cluster   8. a hot cup of chamomile tea
  2. a dark chocolate truffle              9. a delicate faerie-wing sugarcookie
  3. a piece of peanut butter fudge        10. a glimmering spun sugar rose
  4. a glass of winterberry cordial        11. a raspberry cream puff
  5. a piece of fine elven chocolate       12. a chocolate dipped blaestonberry
  6. a glass of cold milk                  13. a minted chocolate wafer
  7. a piece of golden gingerbread