Ta'Vaalor Weaponry

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Ta'Vaalor Weaponry is the weapon shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located near Annatto Gate, just north of the intersection of Maernis Var and Jacinthea Wey. Ranged weapons are located in Vonder's Archery Supply.

[Ta'Vaalor Weaponry]
The aromatic scent of oil and leather fills the air. Trimmed with faenor metal, a well-crafted solid oak counter dominates the length of this shop. Skillfully wrought and forged from rare, exotic material and hanging from metal supports in the walls is an assemblage of various weapons of war. They have been artfully arranged in geometric patterns. A black-inked sign is directly above an executioner's axe, which is leaning in the corner behind the counter. You also see a stack of sheet metal, the merchant Aerhseth that is lying down and a silvery-blue roiling fog-filled chamber.


  1. a stiletto             14. a troll-claw
  2. a double-edged sword   15. a paingrip
  3. a rapier               16. a quoit
  4. a falchion             17. a main gauche
  5. a claidhmore           18. a spear
  6. a troll sword          19. a steel-tipped ironwood runestaff
  7. a double-bit axe       20. a ruby-capped carmiln runestaff
  8. a battle axe           21. a polished russet kakore runestaff
  9. a war hammer           22. a topaz-capped pale mossbark runestaff
  10. a quarter staff       23. a sphere-topped villswood runestaff
  11. a halberd             24. some tanned leather gloves (0x UCS Gear (not pocketed))
  12. a discus              25. some light leather boots (0x UCS Gear (not pocketed))
  13. a katar              

Colors available for items numbered 1-4, 6-9, 11-18:

  1. white                 8. cyan                  15. lavender
  2. grey                  9. green                 16. golden
  3. black                 10. yellow               17. silvery
  4. dark                  11. brown                18. chrome
  5. red                   12. tan                  19. brass
  6. blue                  13. orange               20. crimson
  7. azure                 14. purple              

Materials available for items numbered 1-4, 6-9, 11-18:

  1. iron                  3. faenor                5. mithglin
  2. mithril               4. imflass               6. vultite

  Backroom Catalog
  26. a golden vaalorn stiletto          31. a golden vaalorn katar
  27. a golden vaalorn falchion          32. a golden vaalorn troll-claw
  28. a golden vaalorn battlesword       33. a golden vaalorn discus
  29. a golden vaalorn halberd           34. a golden vaalorn main gauche
  30. a golden vaalorn-spiked paingrip   35. a golden vaalorn spear


The Aerhseth is wearing a dark grey tunic edged in glittering silver studs. Despite his bored expression, his sharp violet eyes miss nothing that goes on in the shop.

Aerhseth will buy scrap metal from new characters.