Vonder's Archery Supply

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Vonder's Archery Supply is the fletcher shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located in a well-kept shop on Caernaeas Var and also serves as the bowry.

[Vonder's Archery Supply]
A newly polished mahogany counter spans the length of the room, completely dividing the room in half. Several unfinished bows hang from a rack situated behind the counter, along with several displays holding various types of archery supplies. You also see a black-inked sign.


Item Price Information
a bundle of wooden arrows 20
a bundle of heavy crossbow bolts 80
a bundle of light crossbow bolts 40
a back quiver 5000 5 lbs, back worn, LA for any items
a belt quiver 1000 5 lbs, belt worn, MA for any items
a maple short bow 100
a maple composite bow 300
a maple long bow 150
a maple light crossbow 200
a maple heavy crossbow 300
a carmiln short bow 3000
a carmiln composite bow 8000
a carmiln long bow 4000
a carmiln light crossbow 3000
a carmiln heavy crossbow 11000
a deringo short bow 5000
a deringo composite bow 15000
a deringo long bow 7000
a deringo light crossbow 6000
a deringo heavy crossbow 20000
a mossbark short bow 16500
a mossbark composite bow 49000
a mossbark long bow 23500
a mossbark light crossbow 18000
a mossbark heavy crossbow 62000
a yew short bow 61000
a yew composite bow 67000
a yew long bow 63000
a yew light crossbow 61000
a yew heavy crossbow 70000
Backroom Inventory
Item Price
a gold-nocked ruic short bow 28000
a gold-etched ruic composite bow 84000
a gold-banded ruic long bow 40000
a gold-inlaid ruic light crossbow 30000
a gold-tracked ruic heavy crossbow 115000

Vonder's Fletching Supply

[Vonder's Fletching Supply]
This well lit chamber holds a variety of fletching supplies. Stacked bins positioned against the back wall contain vials of paint in all different colors as well as thin paint sticks. Beside the bins are several barrels of trimmed fletchings in a variety of hues. You also see a black-inked sign.
Item Price
a pearl-handled fletching razor 200
a bottle of fletching glue 50
a bundle of fletchings 40
a bundle of grey fletchings 40
a thin black paintstick 200
a thin blue paintstick 200
a thin green paintstick 200
a thin red paintstick 200
a thin white paintstick 200
a thin yellow paintstick 200
a vial of paint* 200
a steel-bitted ivory-handled drill 500
a steel conical arrowhead 1
a steel conical cap 1
a mithril swept arrowhead 50
a mithril swept cap 50
an ora arrowhead 120
an ora cap 120
an imflass triangle-bladed arrowhead 225
an imflass triangle-bladed cap 225
a vultite four-bladed arrowhead 500
a vultite four-bladed cap 500
a stick of wood 1
a branch of wood 5
a limb of wood 10
Backroom Inventory
Item Price
a stick of carmiln wood 50
a stick of deingo wood 75
a branch of deringo wood 375
a stick of faewood wood 400
a stick of ironwood wood 1
a branch of ironwood wood 10
a stick of kakore wood 100
a branch of kakore wood 500
a stick of mesille wood 200
a stick of mossbark wood 200
a branch of mossbark wood 1000
a stick of rowan wood 25
a branch of rowan wood 125
a stick of villswood wood 300