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Created a lot of redirects to the main page here (Dyer, Dyer's, Dyers, Dyer tent, Dyers tent). Hopefully this is an acceptable way to make the wiki pages easier for people to find. Someone was asking on LNet about a Dyer's tent location in Ta'Vaalor, and when I linked the wiki I got the usual, "Oh! I had tried to find the page but couldn't." Not sure if this will help, but I was thinking to give it a spin! DAID (talk) 00:34, 8 June 2015 (CDT)

Failure messaging

I was looking for more information about these two Failure messages at the Dyer's tent in WL, I did not see the answer in the article:

A disgruntled dwarven clerk examines your knife and shakes his head, muttering, "Nope, can't do dat. Try sumtin' else." (I was trying to dye a non-weighted fusion knife.)
A disgruntled dwarven clerk examines your knife and dye and says, "I'm afraid pour'n that color dye on your knife would result in disaster. You'll have to pick a new color or someth'n new you want dyed." (I was trying to dye a non-fusion weighted knife when I got this.)

I would have thought there to be only one Failure message. Since there are two, I just wonder if anyone knows the difference? Does anyone know if there are more Failure messages than these two? And does anyone know offhand if the Failure messages for the Dyer's tent in all towns are the same, or do they vary? It leaves me wondering if you get the second message about color, could you possibly get a Success just by changing your dye color for the item in question. I do not have time to test right now but if no one gives a solid answer maybe I can test later and note in the article if that works. Thanks -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 23:48, 9 January 2020 (CST)