The Brew and Barley

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The Brew and Barley is an eatery in the Sylvarraend, around Ta'Illistim, that sells food. It is located in the Town Commons and hosts a number of tables immediately inside the entrance. Go to the bar to find food and refreshments.

[Hagatha's Brew and Barley] RNUM: 10071, u13051027
Behind the oak bar, many rough-hewn pegs contain a variety of clay tankards while matching shelves in one corner are filled with wooden platters. A narrow doorway leads out to the grill, from which a variety of mouth-watering smells emanate. The bar itself is quite high and ornately carved with random scenes of bountiful harvest. Curiously, there are no stools, though the counter has a smooth lip which appears perfect for leaning.
Obvious exits: south


  1. some cubes of yellow cheese   6. a warm calf's liver tart
  2. some nutty cheese bread       7. a mug of rich golden ale
  3. some garlic peasant bread     8. some barley stout
  4. some leek potage              9. a glass of white wine
  5. a bowl of steaming frumenty   10. a thin wafer