The Datum Line

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The Datum Line is a shop in the Burghal Gnome Enclave, around Ta'Vaalor, that specializes in maps and mapping implements. It is located southwest of the Great Dome.

[The Datum Line]
The stone walls are crowded with wooden bookshelves, their lacquered heights brushing the low, carved ceiling. In the middle of the chamber sits a wooden table, unremarkable save for its top surface, which is a raised and plastered topographical map. Similar maps, though of different areas, are piled in a corner of the room, underneath the tripod base of a brass alidade and compass.
Obvious exits: northeast


  1. an articulated brass alidade        8. a sheaf of parchment maps
  2. a sinew-strung copper plumb-bob     9. a dirt-smeared parchment scroll
  3. a rosewood and brass inclinometer   10. a hydrological treatise
  4. a graduated ivory ruler             11. a thick cartographical atlas
  5. a rusted surveyor's chain           14. a buckled leather strap
  6. a stiff-legged tripod               15. a conical scroll tube
  7. a lodestone compass                

Backroom Inventory

  Backroom Catalog
  12. a rolled canvas tool kit   13. a buffed leather map case