The Rone Resurgence - 5118-08-04 - White is the New White (log)

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Phoenatos 4-5, 5118

by Florania Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • On a stormy night, the vague outline of an approaching ship is spotted, then revealed to be a row of ships as they draw closer to the Landing in the waters of Darkstone Bay. They fly the flag of the White Sparrows, an Imperial group well known for battling the krolvin--and also the group suspected to have kidnapped Marshal Thrayzar four months ago as seen in a loresong from Captain Stormyrain.
  • Captain Shinann raises the possibility to Mayor Lylia of warning the guards with Malluch Burdos, to which she agrees.
  • Though at first some hope that the White Sparrows have arrived to offer aid against Kragnack and the other krolvin, who have vowed to return and attack in two months' time unless given tribute of slaves, the White Sparrows draw weapons and launch an attack upon landing at the Black Sands. At first the Landing defenders repel their advance with relative ease, but soon the White Sparrows turn the tide by hurling white gear-covered prisms--the same type as previously used by Malluch in his vigilantism.
  • Amidst heavy casualties, a white blur moves through the streets. The blur stops briefly in Town Square Central, seen to be a humanoid dressed in white armor, a mask, helm, and gauntlets--appearing to be, as it were, a "new Rone." Leafiara reports seeing dark brown eyes before the figure withdraws from the area. Some give chase and in the chaos a few such as Leafi, Madmountan, and Rhayveign report the figure attacking them by knocking them down, with the latter two also reporting being inflicted with a disease. Town guards who pursue the figure are knocked down and disarmed.
  • At the prison, Malluch remains in his cell with many town defenders keeping watch in case the White Sparrows are after him. However, instead the scream of Alendrial DeArchon is heard along West Ring Road, her house having been broken into, and the white blur is seen moving past the town gates carrying a dazed Ayred. The "new Rone" runs across the water toward the ships and disappears among them as they sail away.
  • An angry Alendrial vows to take measures to rescue Ayred, saying that she hadn't intended to but will now do what she must. She leaves to go speak with someone.


The Approaching Ship...s

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

A quiet rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance.

Thunder rumbles in the distance as dark clouds churn at the edge of the sea, bolts of lightning reflecting along the dark waters in the distance.

A flash of lightning briefly illuminates the night sky, barely drawing attention to the outline of a ship in the distance, within just a blink of time. The glow of the lightning fades, and the ship disappears into the cover of night once more.

[Several groups proceed to the North Dock to investigate the arriving ship.]

[Wehnimer's, North Dock]

The dock's planks are dull and weathered from the salt spray of many seasons. Northward beyond the massive sea gates, a flock of ice geese passes, silhouetted against the sky over the dark blue waters of Darkstone Bay. The hulk of a derelict coastal sailer is tethered to the end of the pier. You also see the dark waters of Darkstone Bay, a stack of empty crates and a large imperial ship. [I believe this to be Praxopius' ship. It remains floating idly upon the water to this day.]

[The gathered crowd discusses and speculates about the approaching ship, with reactions running the gamut of emotions: curiosity, dread, excitement, and more. Then, at last, something more is seen...]

More streaks of lightning split open the heavens, and in those briefest of moments, a row of ships can be seen rising and falling with the stormy waves of Darkstone Bay.

[The tone of the discussion changes as increasingly more people--though certainly not all--raise concerns about the intent of the now multiple approaching ships.]

The ships seem to come in closer now, but still primarily shrouded by the cover of night and storm.

As the ships come in closer along the waters of Darkstone Bay, the light of the moon and flashes of lightning draw attention to their figureheads, each one shaped into a huge white marble sparrow.

[Now seeing the flag of the White Sparrows, who are known for battling the krolvin who had just raided the Landing only weeks earlier, some in the crowd seem more at ease. Others raise the question of Stormyrain's previous loresong that had revealed a group appearing to be the White Sparrows having kidnapped Marshal Thrayzar.]

As several ships come in closer, they begin to veer towards the area of the Black Sands. Visible now on the decks of each ship stand monstrous figures, some tall, some wide, each with stoic faces painted a ghost white hue. Some are decked in bleached bone armor, while others are covered in spikes. Nearly all stand garbed in patchwork garments and greatcloaks made of skin, some troll, most krolvin hide. They stare coldly, as the ships approach.

[Amidst continued speculation, Captain Shinann raises a concern...]

Shinann says, "Mayor, you might want to warn the guards with Malluch."

Speaking to Shinann, Lylia says, "See that it is done."

[...and then the group proceeds toward the Black Sands.]

An Incursion at the Black Sands

[The Black Sands]

Black sands mix with white in this stretch of beach, the black encroaching from the west and the white defending from the east. To the southwest, rough mounds of porous black rock stretch from the Trollfang to the bay, their rounded forms giving an illusion of motion, as though they were still flowing. You also see a tall wooden archery tower.

A batch of the ships break off from the main group, and they sail towards the Black Sands.

As the smaller group sails to the Black Sands, the monstrous-looking figures on the decks unsheath blades, axes and spears. The white paint of their faces stretch as many grin wide.

A ghost white face-painted warrior and company just arrived!

A ghost white face-painted warrior swings a claidhmore at Pukk!

AS: +500 vs DS: +657 with AvD: +28 + d100 roll: +83 = -46

A clean miss.

A ghost white face-painted magus gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

A ghost white face-painted hunter cocks his heavy crossbow and loads it with a wooden heavy crossbow bolt.

A ghost white face-painted hunter fires a wooden heavy crossbow bolt at Hapenlok!

AS: +480 vs DS: +695 with AvD: +35 + d100 roll: +52 = -128

A clean miss.

The heavy crossbow bolt breaks apart and crumbles away.

A ghost white face-painted raider swings a jeddart-axe at Hatraxyl!

AS: +455 vs DS: +386 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +98 = +196

... and hits for 66 points of damage!

Knocked back several feet by blow to abdomen.

He is stunned!

A dark shadowy tendril rises up from Hatraxyl's skin, writhes its way up a jeddart-axe towards a ghost white face-painted raider and lashes out malevolently...

CS: +197 - TD: +400 + CvA: -13 + d100: +71 == -145

Warded off!

A ghost white face-painted warbringer gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

A ghost white face-painted ravager gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Roblar swings an immense rolaren waraxe at a ghost white face-painted warrior!

AS: +795 vs DS: +278 with AvD: +23 + d100 roll: +25 = +565

... and hits for 139 points of damage!

Gruesome slash opens the face-painted warrior's forehead!

Grey matter spills forth!

The face-painted warrior falls to the ground and dies.

The guiding force leaves Roblar.

    • [Thus begins a wild skirmish against dozens upon dozens of White Sparrows. At first there are few casualties for the Landing defenders and the fight is straightforward: brute force against brute force. However, after several waves of attackers, a new problem for the defenders is introduced:]**

A ghost white face-painted invoker gestures mystically!

A calm washes over Hapenlok.

A calm washes over Alinnea.

The evanescent shield shrouding Leafiara fades briefly.

A calm washes over Leafiara.

[...and Pukk, Titaniae, Zosopage, Sorrenn, Sebthyl, Cryheart, Darconas, Nezhae, Yakushi, Rovvigen, Osellan, Glandrimier, Rycal, Darcena, Fosorian, Trisu, Sesterces, Saranja, Kipara, Nairena, Chamorr, Jeril, Stormyrain, Chaoswynd, Falvicar, Drung, Lynaera, Pietra, Volwulf, Rhayveign, myself, Ealanas, Danthius, Ayumia, Altheren, Felita, Bernadette, Ferrumus, Xorus, Thrassus, Melikor, Evia, Claudaro, Shinann, and Lylia.

Nonetheless, despite the setbacks of Mass Calm, the invokers--along with the warriors, warbringers, raiders, and magi--remain largely unable to so much as land a blow against the large majority of the Landing defenders. Some break off to watch the town in case the White Sparrows land at North Dock, but no trouble is reported. After dozens more White Sparrows are felled, they smarten up and change tactics:]

Monstrous figures along the decks of some of the ships near Black Sands begin opening some crates and reaching inside to grab something, not visible at the time. Then with hearty throws, they launch small devices into the air!

A white gear-covered prism is launched into the area!

[The group moves, but...]

A white gear-covered prism is launched into the area!

[The group continues to stay nimble and mobile, yet there is no end to the prisms:]

A white gear-covered prism is launched into the area!

A white gear-covered prism is launched into the area!

[Heavy casualties for the Landing defenders now mount up quickly as triage in Town Square Central and in the Voln monastery courtyard struggles to keep up. I myself was slain and taken back to the square, where the White Sparrows' true intent--or at the least a quick-thinking backup plan--would soon be revealed...]

A Blur of Activity

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

Also here: High Lady Titaniae, the body of Telum who is lying down, the body of High Lady Lauranathalasa who is lying down, the body of Bernadette who is lying down, Lord Chamorr, Great Lord Trisu, Rone, Lord Danthius, Great Lady Darcena, Great Lord Ferrumus, Corvvin, Yakushi, Hlendril, Lord Volwulf who is kneeling, Osellan, Lord Mirawax, Aeyana, the body of Saranja who is lying down, the body of Arena Hero Ashraam who is lying down, Tsarok, the body of Commander Roblar who is lying down, Rykul, the body of Great Lady Alinnea who is lying down, the body of Hapenlok who is lying down, Kildar, Arena Heroine Leafiara, the body of Chaoswynd who is lying down, the body of Grand Lady Ayumia who is lying down, Zakoru, Pietra who is sitting, Lord Teryval who is kneeling, Lacradon, Vicimer who is kneeling, Snakegrin, Elliandra who is sitting, Ulmval, Eyona who is kneeling, Lycain, Waq who is sitting, Felarion, Grand Lady Roelaren, Kyann who is sitting, Elphieya who is sitting, Lord Angellos, Vyxyn who is lying down

A blur of white is seen briefly outside of the town's gates, disappearing inside.

A blur of white moves across some rooftops of Wehnimer's Landing then vanishes.

[Sir Cryheart reports that there's a small group guarding Malluch in the prison in case the Sparrows are after him. Meanwhile, out on the streets...]

A white blur can be seen ducking between alleys of Wehnimer's Landing.

A blur of white suddenly comes to a stop at Town Square Central.

Rone squints.

Leafiara looks thoughtfully at Rone.

[She later reported a description:]

>look rone

You see a white armored figure that stands of average height. It appears humanoid, with dark brown eyes staring coldly out from behind a polished white steel mask and helm. Viridian-hued runes seem to almost glow along the edges of the figure's polished steel gauntlets. No further details can be discerned, as the figure seems to be almost a constant blur.

Darcena stares at Rone.

Vicimer looks thoughtfully at Rone.

Leafiara says, "Your eyes are... not the same eyes as before..."

Leafiara squints at Rone.

Rone just went northeast.

Arena Heroine Leafiara just went northeast.

A Knockdown Fight

[I later received the following story from her:]

[Town Square, Northeast]

The entrance to Tykel's Arms, its heavy door bounded by iron-barred windows, dominates this corner of the square. All manner of citizens pass by, moving among the solid, multistoried wooden buildings that surround the bazaar. Just to the southwest can be seen the tree-shaded heart of the square, where citizens and adventurers gather for socializing, healing and rest. You also see a grizzled old warrior, a Wehnimer's runner and a narrow alleyway.

Also here: Rone

You cock your head at Rone.

You sing a summons to local spirits with lilting, lightsome, lively lyrics! Sparkling leaves surround you and you sway your sides, lost and swept up in your melody's tide...

You gesture.

You feel more secure.

Rone squints.

You say, "I know you're not the same one..."

Rone points a polished steel gauntlet at you and everything seems to slow down, the white armored figure twirling about you in a blur. The figure advances in quickly like a whirlwind, black-bladed hatchets swinging in your direction, but only swooping under your legs and knocking you down!

Roundtime: 20 sec.

The runner heads south in a determined manner.

A grizzled old warrior stares hard at you for a moment, then smiles and says, "It's always good to see another who follows a purer path than most. Have a wonderful night, friend."

Rone just went west.

You suspiciously say, "Hmm."

You amusedly say, "I sure picked the wrong time to stop reporting."

You stand up.

Mounting Questions

[As various people pursue, while others watch over the prison and still others patrol the Sands, Madmountan reports Rone knocking him down--and giving him a disease, though I regrettably did not hear that part over thoughts in the heat of a chaotic night. I proceed to investigate and eventually find:]

[Wehnimer's, Talon St.]

The street runs between the northern palisade and the central square to the south and east. The traffic is varied here, as a few traders and travelers mingle on the dark streets with the ever-present and watchful militiamen. The pristine walls of the Stone Baths occupy nearly the entire block. You also see a brightly lit small painted wagon.

Also here: Relic Hunter Madmountan, Rone

Madmountan says, "What."

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Madmountan asks, "Are you looking for?"

Madmountan peers quizzically at Rone.

Rone points a polished steel gauntlet at Madmountan and the white armored figure becomes a wild blur, spinning like a whirlwind while clutching two black-bladed hatchets and swooping at Madmountan's legs, knocking him down.

You quietly say, "You've... returned."

You glance at Madmountan.

You pull Madmountan to his feet.

Rone just went north.

You blink.

Rone just arrived.

Rone just went south.

Madmountan grunts.

You quietly say, "He has less a grudge against you this time, it seems."

Relic Hunter Madmountan just went south.

[I proceed to the prison...]

[Prison, Hallway]

The scent of sulphur lies heavy in the air, and a blazing torch brightly illuminates everything. A thick mithril door stands opposite a battered bronze one, with the latter appearing as though it had recently been beat down. A number of stone chips litter the back wall, whereupon a sconce is set. You also see a large steel door with an iron-barred window.

You quietly ask, "Is Malluch... still here?"

Lylia clarifies, "They do not know what he knows. Or what we know."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Thrassus says, "Perhaps they simply want to recover lost property."

You nod slowly.

Lylia says, "This may be important to them."

Darconas melodically says, "Always important to clean up after your nefarious activities."

You quietly say, "Rone has been attacking Madmountan--this I saw--but only knocking him down. Seemingly without intent to harm."

You quietly add, "Aside from pride, I suppose."

Thrassus says, "He's inflicting diseases upon people, I do not call that 'no intent to harm.'."

Rhayveign says, "Oh he intends to harm, I was viciously diseased by 'im."

[Outside, the following is reported to have been seen:]

A white figue moves like a blur out of an alleyway in town, and some town guards try to surround it. Suddenly, the figure speeds up, twirling around the guards who seem suddenly too slow to respond. The white figure knocks all three guards down, and disarms them before he vanishes in a blur.

Cruxophim curiously ventures, "Oh?"

Leafiara curiously says, "Interesting..."

Cruxophim calmly assures, "Well, we'll be ready if they come for im."

Cryheart says, "Ok..Sands seem to be cleared from what I hear."

Leafiara says, "He knocked me down too and didn't disease me, but... maybe my magic protected against that."

Speaking bemusedly to Leafiara, Cruxophim remarks, "Immunity has its uses."

Speaking wryly to Lylia, Cruxophim wonders, "Think he'll bear the same grudge as the last one?"

Lylia says, "No."

Lylia says, "He will bear an altogether different sort."

Cruxophim dismissively remarks, "Good, that was bothersome."

Claudaro says, "It would seem those looking for Rone do not wish to have others know if they find him."

Speaking dubiously to Lylia, Cruxophim reasons, "Well, this one still seems to have it in for Madmountan."

Leafiara says, "In an emergency, it's difficult to keep everyone informed -and- have a successful pursuit."

Lylia coldly says, "Some people prefer to believe the lie of 'Rone' to harsh realities. I am sure some do seek him to protect him."

Thrassus says, "He just seems to have that effect on people."

Speaking to Leafiara, Evia asks, "Speaking we still have those periodic town meetings?"

A sound of glass shattering can be heard, along with a scream near West Ring Road.

Alendrial [over the amunet]: "Our house has been struck!"

Ayred Abducted

Arena Heroine Leafiara just went east.

Evia says, "Nm."

Claudaro says, "Despite knowing the reason for my bird to be following them, they choose to get rid of it."

Cryheart says, "That sounds suspicious."

Mirawax says, "Heh what the."

The Symbol of Need begins to burn in your mind and an image appears before you of Leafiara...

[Wehnimer's, West Ring Rd.]

The road passes beneath the shadow of the palisade. Before you sprawls a gaudily-painted structure, adorned with elaborate carvings depicting scenes of commerce and lit by polished brass lamps. This is the Merchant's Guild, where the business people of town, from wealthy traders to lowly street peddlers, meet to discuss matters of mutual concern. You also see a small wooden stand with a bowl of colorful candies on it and a two-story dark-roofed house.

Also here: Marshal Meureii, Wolfloner, Lady in Waiting Lynaera, Telum, Master Beldannon, Hapenlok, Arena Heroine Leafiara, Great Lady Darcena, Relic Hunter Madmountan, Lord Chamorr, Kildar, Kupaka, Commander Roblar, Lady Alendrial

Stormyrain says, "Alendrial and Stephos."

Xorus says, "That makes sense."

Mirawax says, "I've never seen this area of town afore."

Volwulf asks, "So he's in there?"

Stormyrain says, "No, Malluch is in there."

Volwulf asks, "Malluch?"

Volwulf nods.

Stormyrain says, "The new "Rone" is --out there."

Volwulf says, "So this figure outside, is an unknown "Rone" at this time."

Volwulf says, "Very quick and nonlethal at this time."

Felita asks, "Is Rone a guy or a group of folks?"

Stormyrain murmurs, "Attacking the DeArchon house it seems."

Pukk quietly says, "Happy comes back after a long absence and Rone appears.....suspicious."

Thrassus says, "Besides the diseases."

Volwulf says, "That's what I'm wondering."

Stormyrain says, "Rone is an idea."

Claudaro says, "If those fools are going to come after this guy, I hope they do so soon, my wagglin' finger is starting to itch again..."

Stormyrain says, "Many are playing the role, we're finding out."

Evia says, "If I recall, it was proclaimed as "many"."

Felita says, "Ahh that makes sense."

Volwulf says, "Many claim to be "Rone" when convenient it seems like."

[The following is reported as having been seen outside:]

A white blur of motion can be seen again, moving past the gates of town. Briefly glimpsed in the clutches of the blurred figure, is a young half-elf with milky white skin, and a dazed look to his pale pink eyes. The half-elf seems borderline unconscious, but the bits of wire woven into his cheeks would prevent a scream altogether anyway.

Cryheart asks, "Rone abducted Ayred?"

Thrassus says, "It appears so."

Rovvigen softly says, "Apparently."

Stormyrain says, "That is what Crux is saying."

Stormyrain says, "I'm not surprised, Ayred's magical abilities, especially for portalling even over extensive distance, are quite impressive."

Thrassus says, "They likely intend to use him."

Volwulf asks, "Ayred?"

Rovvigen softly says, "But for what is the question."

Stormyrain says, "He's also..not well liked in the Empire."

[I now proceed to West Ring Road just in time to see:]

The white blur speeds out towards the bay, not stopping as it hits the water, moving across the sea with the same blinding speed as before. It disappears amidst the wall of ships that are now turning and drifting away.

Speaking to Alendrial, Lylia asks, "Can you recall anything else? Where was Ayred?"

Hatraxyl exclaims, "Though his cheeks!"

Hapenlok says, "Raid successful."

Alendrial says, "His jaw has been wired shut for most of his life."

Roblar deeply says, "Well."

Alendrial says, "From his tormentors."

Vicimer says, "Well, he knows Water Walking too."

Alendrial says, "Before he was freed."

Leafiara musingly says, "Escape by ship... that -would- be a bit harder to catch than escaping by fog..."

Speaking to Alendrial, Vicimer asks, "Why?"

Speaking to Madmountan, Darcena says, "This town is just not very safe at all."

Telum says, "Mhm."

Beldannon softly says, "Hmm well looks like a rescue mission will be coming."

Darconas melodically asks, "Looks like the mysterious figure has found what he's looking for?"

Speaking calmly to Alendrial, Cruxophim murmurs, "Well, at least you're safe."

Speaking to Darcena, Vicimer says, "Show me a safe town."

Roblar deeply says, "Ah."

Speaking to Darcena, Madmountan says, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Darcena asks, "For this second. But the next...?"

Claudaro asks, "So all that for one person eh?"

Cruxophim eyes Darcena with a stern expression, his dark sclera reduced to mere slits.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Darcena says, "Do not look at me like that."

Lylia hisses, "If you feel unsafe, you are welcome to leave."

Speaking to Claudaro, Dergoatean says, "One person, and perhaps sending a message."

Speaking to Claudaro, Hapenlok says, "He's got some talents. That might be useful to others."

Leafiara musingly acknowledges, "Ayred does have very powerful magic. It was probably a risk worth taking... from the perspective of whoever it was."

Speaking to Lylia, Darcena says, "Do not hiss at me like a snake."

Alendrial growls ferociously!

Claudaro says, "1 for a couple hundred? good trade to me."

Speaking sternly to Alendrial, Cruxophim states, "If it's possible, we'll get him back."

Madmountan says, "We are pretty good at losing people with powerful magic."

Alendrial says, "I did not bring him here..."

Speaking to Claudaro, Leafiara stresses, "Sometimes--sometimes the one is just that powerful."

Alendrial says, "Oh, it is more than possible Cruxophim."

Speaking amusedly to Madmountan, Cruxophim reminds, "Not all of them."

Speaking knowingly to Madmountan, Meureii says, "Powerful fists."

Speaking darkly to Hapenlok, Wolfloner says, "Would have been helpful to have the assistance of the Rooks this evening."

Speaking to Wolfloner, Hapenlok says, "Well, blame King Rook for that mess, he led a lot of them to slaughter. Needlessly."

Alendrial says, "We will retrieve him."

Vicimer says, "I'll just follow the crowd..."

Lynaera asks, "Did the White Sparrows appear abnormal to any of you? Or is this normal of those of that order?"

Speaking to Wolfloner, Hapenlok says, "Other than that, they're not my problem anymore."

Speaking fondly to Alendrial, Cruxophim comments, "Well, we certainly put a dent in their numbers tonight, for what it's worth."

Roblar deeply says, "Was alot of em."

Roblar nods at Lynaera.

Shinann says, "They looked very large."

Madmountan says, "Maybe we can be all ironic, and get Rodnay to help us find Ayred. I'm kidding, because I'm entertaining myself over here."

Roblar deeply says, "But otherwise perfectly normal."

Speaking to Lynaera, Dergoatean says, "I haven't seen them before tonight, but it matched what I had heard about their usual look."

Speaking to Lynaera, Puptilian says, "They live and sleep killing Krolvin. That is all they do. This....this is not normal."

Speaking to Alendrial, Lylia says, "Of course. Especially as there has been some speculation as to whose face currently wears the lie that is 'Rone's' mask."

Speaking seriously to Madmountan, Leafiara says, "I like the idea, except for the problem that we haven't heard from him in eight months."

Speaking darkly to Hapenlok, Wolfloner says, "Your short sighted view had a cost tonight. We shall see what else comes to light."

Speaking amusedly to Puptilian, Cruxophim reminds, "Normal left this place a long, long time ago."

Alendrial says, "We will begin to take action to return him."

Alendrial says, "I had not wanted to..."

Alendrial rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Darcena says, "About the time you arrived."

Alendrial says, "But yes, I will do now what I must."

Speaking quietly to Cruxophim, Pukk asks, "Right around the time I got here?"

Speaking annoyedly to Lylia, Vicimer asks, "Why do people keep taking that identity when everyone knows it's fake?"

Alendrial says, "Excuse me. I've got to go speak with someone."

Speaking to Alendrial, Lylia says, "Now you are speaking my language."

Speaking to Leafiara, Madmountan says, "Also, we can't go summoning Rodnay without finding Maylan first."

Vicimer exasperatedly says, "At least say you're a descendant or something."

Alendrial growls ferociously!

Lady Alendrial just went north.