The Rone Resurgence - 5118-09-03 - As the Falzcrow Flies (log)

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Imaerasta 3-4, 5118

by Florania Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • A hooded figure passes through Town Square Central and whispers something to Leafiara, with a few words overheard: "...he needs more....wasn't enough...happen soon...."
  • Lylia leads a group to the trophy room inside the Raging Thrak Inn, where Falzcrow explains that his father is displeased and has sent him to learn about the Landing's alliance with the White Sparrows, who had ambushed some of his brethren and forced them into retreat, where they were further attacked. The Mayor, Captain Shinann, and several others gathered explain that there's no alliance, as the White Sparrows themselves have attacked, and that the krolvin near the Landing a few days earlier had attacked first.
  • Falzcrow says that maybe returning to his father with their word on these matters might be enough if it were not for the rumors that the Landing is now building ships for Imperials to do war with Glaoveln. The Mayor confirms that they are building Imperial ships and receiving payment for such, but does not confirm that they're for the purpose of war--only that a stronger naval presence is needed.
  • Falzcrow says that Kragnack has presented a generous offer, "a small tribute for the larger gain" of no more raids. Adding that "a new agreement and a new dawn" can be fostered, he says that Kragnack is not accepting citizenry papers with the tribute, implying that the slaves can be taken from outside of the Landing. Lylia reiterates that she is not a slaver.
  • Falzcrow continues that Kragnack wishes that the Landing cease constructing Imperial vessels and Mayor Lylia says that is a wish for the Landing to lose wealth. Falzcrow says to consider: "Do not be so blind as to fill a man's pocket with coin from hard work, only to destroy his heart with the murder of his child." Sir Cryheart asks if that's a threat and Falzcrow says that it is, but he is only the messenger. With that said, he departs.


Whispers in the Rain

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

Thunder rumbles in the distance.

A dark hooded figure walks by, pulling at the cowl of his cloak, keeping the rain away as he presses on into the crowd.

Luxelle says, "A hood seems very sensible in this weather."

A hooded figure walks by again, stopping to rest against the tree and stand out of some of the rain.

Leafiara remarks, "People in hoods should be careful these days... never know when Rone might strike..."

The hooded figure leans in near Leafiara briefly and seems to whisper something. Amidst the rain, only a few words can be overheard, "...he needs more....wasn't enough...happen soon...." The figure heads off, disappearing back into the crowd.

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Elphieya asks, "What was that about?"

Leafiara idly says, "I guess they didn't like my thought about Rone..."

Speaking to Leafiara, Madmountan says, "Just so you know, we made out some of what was said."

Speaking curiously to Madmountan, Leafiara asks, "Hm?"

Falzcrow Flies A White Flag

[Shortly afterward...]

A flash of lightning snakes across the heavens, and for the briefest of moments, the outline of a ship appears on the rolling horizon of Darkstone Bay.

[Sir Cryheart leads a group to the North Dock.]

[Wehnimer's, North Dock]

The dock's planks are dull and weathered from the salt spray of many seasons. Northward beyond the massive sea gates, a flock of ice geese passes, silhouetted against the sky over the dark blue waters of Darkstone Bay. The hulk of a derelict coastal sailer is tethered to the end of the pier. You also see a black imperial wagon with a glowing blue-white pylon on it, the dark waters of Darkstone Bay, a stack of empty crates and a large imperial ship.

Some giantmen wander by, dragging wooden crates and barrels to the docks of town as the sound of hammering and construction carries on late into the evening.

A dockworker nearby squints out to the sea gate as he scratches his behind. Noticing the crowd, he almost jumps, stops scratching and hurries back to work on the skeletal frame of a large ship docked nearby.

The flashes of the storm's lightning draws periodic illumination to the ship on the horizon, as it maneuvers closer through the waters towards Wehnimer's Landing.

The ship draws closer now, gliding through the dark waters that match the shade of night above. The vessel is dark, with black masts and a large ruby figurehead shaped like a giant skull. The length and markings of the ship appear to be a krolvin vessel, and it approaches the Black Sands.

[Sir Cryheart leads us instead to the Black Sands.]

[The Black Sands]

Black sands mix with white in this stretch of beach, the black encroaching from the west and the white defending from the east. To the southwest, rough mounds of porous black rock stretch from the Trollfang to the bay, their rounded forms giving an illusion of motion, as though they were still flowing. You also see a tall wooden archery tower.

Approaching your position, the black krolvin vessel comes closer into view, the large red skull figurehead staring outward.

Suddenly, from the main mast of the ship, a white flag is lifted high up near the crow's nest, flapping in the wind and rain.

[Discussion comes down on the side of honoring the white flag and not attacking.]

Emerging from below deck of the ship, comes a lone figure into view, appearing a tragic mix of both human and krolvin. His onyx eyes watch the shore, as the sea wind rustles the red beads braided throughout his long, woven dark silver hair. The half-krolvin touches a ruby clasp at the neck of his flowing cape, and climbs down a ladder on the side of his ship, slowly walking across the water towards the shore.

Xorus says, "I wonder if that is Kragnack's son."

Evia says, "Could be."

Evia says, "What was his name....F...something."

Xorus says, "Falzcrow."

Moving across the water, the half-krovlin Falzcrow finally comes into view, stepping out onto the ground of the black sands.

Falzcrow holds up a hand.

Falzcrow bows.

Falzcrow deeply says, "Greetings."

Evician offers Falzcrow a snifter of single malt whiskey.

Falzcrow declines Evician's offer.

>look falz

You see Falzcrow the Son of Kragnack.

He appears to be a Half-Krolvin.

He is average height. He appears to be very young. He has large onyx-hued eyes and fair skin. He has long, thick dark silver hair woven into fiery red-beaded braids. He has an unshaven face, a prominent nose and bushy dark silver sideburns.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a crystal amulet, a flowing deep black cape, a bright ruby skull-shaped clasp, a nicked dark steel buckler, a slim woven black pack, a pair of mottled grey leathers, a fur-trimmed black canvas pouch, a mithril alloy scabbard, a pair of tanned sealskin trousers, and a pair of walrus hide boots.

Falzcrow deeply says, "It has been some time."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Evia asks, "Greetings young sir, you bring news?"

Falzcrow deeply says, "I bring some news, and words."

Falzcrow squints.

Evia nods at Falzcrow.

Falzcrow looks about the crowd.

Falzcrow nods at Lylia.

Falzcrow deeply says, "Mayor."

Lylia nods at Falzcrow.

Falzcrow deeply asks, "Perhaps, we shall all speak inside?"

Lylia says, "Yes."

Falzcrow [and several dozen other people] joins Lylia's group.

[Mayor Lylia proceeds to the trophy room]

[Raging Thrak, Trophy Room]

Tiny smudges of soot mar the fieldstones used to create the grand fireplace in this cozy room. A collection of plaques hangs above an immense grey marble mantel cluttered with trophy cups and bowls. Fashioned from a single stone slab, the hearth extends to an impressive black bear rug with its maw frozen in a silent roar. Several overstuffed wingback chairs, each covered in deep jewel-tone chintz, are scattered about the room. Against the back wall, a tall glass-front curio houses several ancient mementos and a thrak hide curtain hangs nearby. You also see a basket of sticks and an intricately woven straw wastebasket.

An Interlude...

(OOC) Claudaro's player whispers to the group, "Oh lovely, Reakon the poop tosser is resting here..." [OOC note: this is referring to three nights earlier when Grishom Stone was around and Reakon ACTed out gathering "poo" from the ground and throwing it at everyone in the room. by one.]

Evia glances at Reakon.

Suddenly, a large group of cudgel-waving townsmen come barreling in. They wrestle Reakon to the ground and drag him off, chanting something about a hanging!

Evia covers her nose tightly.

Clairette laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Magnificos cackles!

Dergoatean gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Volwulf grins.

Maltreis chuckles.

Cryheart appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Tsarok laughs!

Danthius lets out a cheer!

(OOC) Chaoswynd's player whispers to the group, "Huzzah!"

Zosopage chuckles.

Madmountan laughs!

Stormyrain glances out.

Lylia mildly says, "Port towns. Always so hectic."

Danthius cackles!

Dinaden glances around the room.

Claudaro laughs!

Lyrna chuckles.

Evia says, "Gosh."

Clairette says, "Pre-emptive justice is the best kind of justice."

Danthius glances at Lylia.

Pathragers raspily says, "Nothing like a good hanging to finish the night."

Pathragers glances about with a look of concern on his face.

(OOC) Danthius's player whispers to the group, "No idea how, but I love it."

Danthius grins.

Pukk quietly says, "It was a crappy job, but somebody had to do it."

Pukk appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Kvothen says, "Poor Reakon."

Jimseveie laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Lylia offhandedly says, "I am certain he is not going to hang."

Cryheart pinches Pukk!

Falvicar quietly says, "No."

Cryheart grins at Pukk.

Speaking softly to Kvothen, Taerieln says, "He had it coming."

(OOC) Claudaro's player whispers to the group, "I am legit dying laughing here...."

Luathaich asks, "Frontier justice for Frontier Days?"

Falzcrow Delivers A Message From Kragnack

Falzcrow warms his hands by the fire.

Speaking to Falzcrow, Evician asks, "Get you something to drink?"

Falzcrow looks over at Evician and shakes his head.

Evician nods at Falzcrow.

Speaking to Falzcrow, Madmountan asks, "How about something that doubles as the symbol of your people, and a hand warmer?"

Madmountan offers Falzcrow a greenish-gold crystal skull.

Madmountan starts chortling.

Falzcrow declines Madmountan's offer.

Falzcrow twists his head slightly, cracking his neck. He looks relieved.

Falzcrow deeply says, "My father is not pleased."

Falzcrow frowns at Lylia.

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia replies, "Then that makes two of us, for I was displeased when I was told to offer 'tribute.'"

Falzcrow deeply says, "He has sent me to learn of your alliance with the White Sparrows, who most recently ambushed some of his brethren returning to the isles. It forced them face further massacre."

Falzcrow deeply asks, "What news then, do I bring him?"

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "Then let me assure you, we are not in any alliance with the White Sparrows, who turned their weapons on us the other evening."

Lylia asks, "I believe some of us fell to them in battle, yes?"

Speaking to Lylia, Clairette asks, "If we were allied with them, would someone please let them know not to strike me down so often?"

Lylia says, "Speak out if you were among the dead."

Evician says, "I was attacked by them and helping others who were killed by them yes."

Pukk quietly says, "I did."

Cryheart says, "We can offer tribute on the backside."

Pukk quietly says, "But it was fun."

Speaking to Clairette, Lylia says, "Indeed."

Kvothen says, "My friend was among the dead."

Volwulf says, "Aye me as well."

Zosopage says, "They made me visit Lorminstra once."

Pathragers raspily says, "I just came to seek revenge."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "We are not responsible for what these Imperials choose to do."

Evia says, "Nor for that matter, what anyone else chooses to do, including the Krolvin."

Speaking quietly to Falzcrow, Pukk says, "Imps are demons disguised as humans."

Lyrna says, "And if the krovlin that came were not intent on attacking, they did a poor job of indicating it."

Falzcrow deeply says, "I see..."

Falzcrow deeply asks, "So I am just to return with your word?"

Falzcrow deeply asks, "And that is settled?"

Lylia asks, "Do you doubt my word, and the word of so many others who have agreed with me?"

Lylia asks, "What else would you wish to bring back?"

Lylia coldly says, "You are receiving a warmer welcome than your father. That can change."

Falzcrow deeply says, "It matters little what I think."

Falzcrow deeply says, "It is my father's concern that must be squashed."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Shinann asks, "What makes him think we are in an alliance?"

Falzcrow deeply says, "A small fleet was returning to the Isle, passing your bay."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Shinann asks, "Two nights ago?"

Falzcrow deeply says, "They were set upon by the White Sparrows, many ships damaged, and driven in this direction."

Shinann says, "Where they proceeded to attack us."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Where you met them on the sands. Some were able to escape back."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "You may bring him my word, and the word of so many here who died at the hands of the White Sparrows."

Shinann says, "They were the aggressors... as you see tonight, we do not just attack without provocation."

Falzcrow deeply says, "That word, may be enough..."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "When the Sparrows landed on the black sands, I told our people to stay their hands. They attacked us first."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Were it not for rumors abound."

Falzcrow deeply says, "And activity along your docks."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "We are a port town. We have a shipyard, and it is a busy one."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Evia asks, "What rumors?"

Falzcrow deeply says, "We have heard talk of your ships being built."

Falzcrow deeply says, "For your imperial cousins."

Evia says, "That is not a rumor, it is fact."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia asks, "Our ships? No. And do I look as though I have Imperial cousins?"

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "Your blood may be mingled. Mine is not. I am Faendryl, not Human. The Sparrows are not mine. Were I in command of a navy, your father would already have met it on the seas, and it would not fly any Imperial flag."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Not in command of one, yet."

Falzcrow deeply asks, "So you deny the rumors, you do the work of imperials now? Building them ships at your docks?"

Falzcrow peers quizzically at Lylia.

Lylia smoothly replies, "I am not in command of any Sparrows, at any rate."

Lylia asks, "You have not listened to my words closely enough. We do not build our own ships, nor do we build for the Sparrows. Do you believe every Imperial province is the same? Have you so little experience with them that you see only prey?"

Speaking to Falzcrow, Waq asks, "Where do you hear these rumors, in your warrooms?"

Speaking to Falzcrow, Evia says, "Oft when one hears very specific rumors, it is because Somone wants them to be heard, and spread, with ill intent."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "And yes, they ask worthwhile questions. Where do you hear such rumors? You should vet your sources more carefully, for they bring you only half a tale at best."

Lylia says, "If I were to subsist on such thin gruel of information, I would wither away."

Falzcrow squints.

Speaking quietly to Falzcrow, Pukk says, "It seems you have a bone to pick with somebody so...."

Pukk offers Falzcrow a moldy bone.

Falzcrow declines Pukk's offer.

Falzcrow deeply says, "I am a citizen of this town, granted by Walkar himself."

Falzcrow deeply says, "In a time, when things were darker, than they are now."

Falzcrow deeply says, "This town is not without bright eyes and open ears."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Your words were framed in edges of gilt."

Falzcrow nods at Lylia.

Falzcrow rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Falzcrow deeply says, "....What good is a field if it lies fallow? It earns no coin and feeds no families...."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "Then let these bright eyes see we are indeed building Imperial vessels. Let open ears hear the chime of coins filling purses as we are paid for the labor."

Falzcrow deeply asks, "Was that it? Did I recall it correctly?"

Pukk quietly asks, "Wait...we are building vessels for the Imps?"

Speaking simply to Pukk, Lylia says, "Yes."

Lylia says, "I wrote about this at length."

Pukk quietly says, "I don't read much."

Falzcrow deeply says, "You announced your town's agreement with the imperials. To build vessels to do war with Glaoveln."

Pukk disdainfully says, "They are imps, most can't be trusted."

Falzcrow deeply asks, "You deny your words?"

Falzcrow peers quizzically at Lylia.

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "I wrote about building Imperial ships, yes. I have not denied that. Why you are insistent that I do, I know not."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "You see, we and the Empire agree that there is a sudden need for a stronger naval presence..."

Lylia offhandedly says, "I cannot imagine why, nor what has provoked the need for such a fleet."

Falzcrow deeply says, "...and that, is why my father is not pleased."

Lylia coldly says, "Perhaps it is the constant threat of slavers taking 'tribute.'"

Falzcrow deeply says, "He has presented you a generous offer. No more raids, no more warring on the bay."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "...In exchange for 'tribute.'"

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "I do not offer tribute. I am not a slaver."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Many offer such to their gods for appeasement and favor."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "And I do not worship gods."

Falzcrow deeply says, "A small sacrifice, a small tribute, for the larger gain, the larger not uncommon."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "Oh, I agree with that readily enough. I understand the need to make uncomfortable alliances and small sacrifices."

Lylia says, "But not if what I sacrifice does not belong to me."

Lylia says, "I told your father he would find only death, not tribute, on the sands."

Falzcrow deeply says, "He does not seek the enslavement of Wehnimer's Landing."

Lylia says, "Then we are in accord on that much."

Falzcrow deeply says, "They seek only a small sacrifice, to help foster a new agreement, and a new dawn."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Let me be as up front as I can."

Falzcrow deeply says, "He does not accept citizenry papers with them."

Falzcrow chuckles.

Lylia replies, "A false dawn, one that would be made of the funeral pyres of other alliances we have forged."

Falzcrow deeply says, "He cares little how you find or select your tribute."

Falzcrow deeply says, "I am not here to debate."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "A pity."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "You see, our undesirables serve a more desirable purpose for us than they do for you."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "We have use of them, though not as slaves."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "We simply cannot bear to part with them. Not when they do so much for me."

Lylia corrects, "Us."

Falzcrow deeply says, "I do not agree fully with my father, I am a messenger."

Falzcrow deeply says, "But I do see value, in less war, in less blood."

Falzcrow deeply says, "But I am not here to convince you of either path."

Falzcrow deeply says, "I shall take back word to my father of the White Sparrows, and your claims of their attack on you."

Falzcrow deeply says, "If we find you are untruthful, and in alliance with them, there will be no amount of tribute to stop his wrath."

Falzcrow deeply says, "But I also leave you with a warning."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "Do not misunderstand me, then. Bring him this word: We build those ships for Imperial coin."

Falzcrow nods at Lylia.

Falzcrow deeply says, "That is unfortunate."

Falzcrow deeply says, "It is my father's wish that you cease the construction of the imperial vessels."

Speaking to Falzcrow, Lylia says, "Then it is your father's wish that we lose wealth. I see no way forward with that."

Falzcrow deeply says, "We are not without wealth."

Falzcrow nods at Lylia.

Lylia says, "Glaoveln does not have the wealth of the Turamzzyrian Empire."

Falzcrow deeply says, "No, we do not."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Often the price is blood. We collect that far more, and more easily, than the Empire."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Consider your town and its people. Do not be so blind as to fill a man's pocket with coin from hard work, only to destroy his heart with the murder of his child."

Cryheart asks, "Is that a threat?"

Falzcrow deeply says, "Yes."

Falzcrow deeply says, "Remember my father's words, and I shall take him yours."

Falzcrow deeply says, "I hope in the end, you will remember me as the messenger."

Falzcrow bows.

Falzcrow turns around.

Falzcrow just went east.