Temple of Darkness Poem

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Temple of Darkness Poem

Author: Kygar

Temple of Darkness Poem

Eorgina, Mother of Darkness
Repose in silent waiting,
With revanche to come.

Ivas, Sweet Seductress
Fair skin, alluring eyes
Dance, Inis, dance.

Fash'lo'nae, Master of Glyphs
Magic in a word,
The power of form and shape.

Andelas, Feral Feline Lord
Beguiling trickster,
Triumphant through stealth.

V'Tull, Vengeful Warrior
Strike the blow,
Fell the foe.

Sheru, Cloaked in Darkness
Eternal night,
And sleepless dreams

Mularos, The Lover
Narrow line,
'Tween pain and pleasure.

Luukos, Soul-taker
Gory blood-feast
Devour my enemy's soul.

Onar, Dark Assassin
Patient vengeance,
Righteous retribution.

Amasalen, Dark Watcher
Grim reaper,
Gathering the tares.

Marlu, Cruel Master
Guard the Dark Queen,
Spirit born of death.

Zelia, Keeper of the Moon
Fair charioteer,
We watch for your return.

translated from an inscription found in the ruins of The Temple of Darkness

Contributor's Note

(Written by GM Kygar as backstory for The Broken Lands in 1994. The poem is used with an Iruaric glossary to solve the puzzle to enter the Dark Shrine. The ICE Age names of the Dark Gods from the original have been modernized, but this is actually archaic information that does not apply to modern game. The phrase "silent repose" from the Orgiana (Eorgina) stanza is used in the burial chamber of the cultists, and possibly alludes to the "silent waiting" of the "sleeping queen" Kadaena in a poem from the theocracy of Orgiana which is also referenced in the crypt of the Graveyard.

Several of these descriptions were written to be theologically unusual relative to the source book information for the Dark Gods. The poem also alludes to conditions that did not exist until a few centuries after the Broken Lands were sealed off. It implies the shrine is authentic, the same stanza appearing in two separate times and places, and possibly was actually used by Morgu (Marlu) himself. However, it might also be regarded as telling with respect to Kadaena as "the Shadow", in allusion to "The Shadow Out of Time" by Lovecraft. This is subtly conflating Orgiana with Empress Kadaena. - Xorus' player)