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Domain Felines, Hunting
Symbol a black cat's head on a field of red
Pantheon Pantheon of Lornon
Smite/Bane Bane
Critical Slash

God of Felines and Hunting

Andelas is the lord of cats, and so is different to some degree from the rest of the dark gods. In fact, were it not for his decidedly sadistic nature, it could be argued that Andelas is not really 'evil'.

Followers of Andelas form cat cults, and idolize felines to the point of reenacting the stalk, the hunt, and the kill (complete with costuming, fangs, and claws). Andelas' influence is revealed in that the quarry in the reenactments are most often members of one of the humanoid races. Unfortunately, they are rarely as enthused about their own participation as the members of the cult are.

It is rumored that Andelas has an avatar that walks the land known as The Claw of Andelas.

Andelas generally appears as a great cat. In human form, however, he retains his catlike quality, from his eyes to his unusually sharp fingernails. In manner he is much like a cat, either playful, sadistic or completely indifferent. His symbol is a black cat's head on a field of red.

Shrines, Statuary, and Holy Places

Icemule Temple

[Hall of Those Outside]
The chamber is huge with dense, carved stone vines curling across its walls and ceiling as if they have grown there. On the west wall, the vines retreat, faced with the imposing portrait of a man. Rendered in vivid colors, the man's posture is quietly intimidating. Overhead, the bas-relief fauna almost conceals a mural that spreads across the ceiling. From its shadows, golden eyes stare vehemently down. A grey altar sits before the west wall, and a red altar rests in the center of the room.
Obvious exits: north, down
>look at ceiling
Within the boughs of carved stone branches, a great black panther crouches and appears to watch your every move.  He is completely still, although it seems obvious that if he were real, his tail would be twitching and lashing in the manner of a stalking cat.  Golden eyes flicker within the darkness of his fur, their aspect alert and, above all, ingenious.

>look at red altar
Carved into the stone of the altar, the sinuous forms of felines great and small stalk around the great slab, chasing invisible prey.  The greatest of the cats is a panther, depicted climbing over the left side of the altar.  His attitude is one of menace, and his sinister expression coalesces within the malevolent, red-tinged eyes.  An onyx plaque dangles from the claws protruding from the beast's outstretched paw.

In the Common language, it reads:
Andelas: God of Felines and Hunting

Andelas's Temple (Solhaven)

Found on Lornon Avenue in South Solhaven, the temple contains extensive statuary, an altar room, a resident wandering leopard, and an inner courtyard that serves as a cat sanctuary.

[Hall of the Claw, Altar]
A massive onyx statue of a reclining feline dominates the entire room, its huge jaws open in a yawn revealing curved ivory teeth. The dark panther is stretched out languidly before you, its front paws reaching along both sides of the room in a lazy embrace, claws extended. A simple altar draped with deep red silk is set before the cat's unblinking, intensely focused gaze, an open book lying upon its surface.
Obvious exits: south
>look at statue
Barely fitting within the confines of the room, the panther is depicted in repose, its tail lazily wrapped around the base of the altar.  Though posed aloof, its brilliant emerald eyes are intensely focused upon the altar, conveying the subtle illusion of a predator in wait, a sense further enhanced by the sharp claws extended from its paws.

>look at altar
Crafted from dark onyx, the altar is draped with a deep red silk covering, its surface stitched with a simple black cat's head.  The base of the altar is encircled by the tail of the massive panther statue, its large end wrapped lazily around it.  A weathered book lies open atop it.

On the onyx altar you see a weathered book.

In the Common language, it reads:
"The Great Cat Lord embodies and imbues all his children with the Nine Aspects of the Cat -- He is the pinnacle of all that is feline, and thus, all that is great in the world.  Know your place, two-legs, and kneel before his likeness."

Nine Aspects

The temple is home to nine statues of cats that represent different feline aspects. Each can be TOUCHed for a brief lecture on that aspect.

[Hall of the Claw]
An elaborate inlay of an onyx cat's head graces the mottled crimson marble of the floor, its circular design mirrored in the shape of the chamber. The room is ringed by nine huge feline statues reclining upon unadorned slabs, their golden eyes staring eternally at one another. A weathered black monolith is set in the precise center of the floor. Silver script is written upon it, distorted by the wavering amber glow of the numerous torches above.
Obvious exits: north, south
Posed in a lying position that seems more like the beginning of a crouch, the jaguar statue is crafted from lustrous gold punctuated by large, ringed black spots.  Its strong jaws are closed and its ears are upraised, lending a studious appearance to its half-lidded golden eyes.  Its paws are crossed in front of it and the claws within are extended in an almost casual fashion.  A small plaque is affixed at its base.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch jaguar statue
The statue leans toward you, its paws draped lazily across one another as its eyes drift to meet yours in an almost careless fashion.  "You wish to know what I represent, little seeker?  I am the Independent.  How strong can you be when tied down by obligations to friends, family, and others?  Learn the value of independence - for in the end, the most reliable thing to depend on is yourself."  The jaguar stretches languidly, then resumes its statue-like state.
Saber-tooth Cat
Sitting gracefully and looking down with its massive, bony shoulders hunched, the saber-toothed cat's mouth is open in a fierce snarl.  Its impressive dagger-like teeth are polished to a fine luster, their deep golden hue matching the rest of the feline's striped body.  Its piercing eyes stare past its vicious maw, as though challenging all who would gaze at them.  A small plaque is affixed to its base.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch saber statue
A loud growl suddenly echoes around you, and the saber-tooth cat rears up and looms over you, its piercing eyes flashing with a predatory glint.  It speaks in a low voice, "I am the embodiment of all that is fierce, for all cats are hunters.  Embrace your ferocity, for with it comes strength untouched by any fear."  With a haughty toss of its head, the feline resumes its original position and slowly goes still.
Cast from dark onyx, the statue portrays a typical short-haired housecat.  Its triangular ears are perked up and it has an almost imperceptible grin upon its face.  It sits with its legs tucked under itself, and its tail is curled lazily about its right side.  Deep golden eyes glitter in its dark face, and it looks very much like it were appraising all who might walk past.  A small plaque is affixed to its base.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch housecat statue
A soft purring sound echoes from the statue, and the housecat stands up to stretch idly, then gaze down at you.  "Oh, one of you,"  It says in a dry fashion as it begins to clean itself. "Very well, though is it not obvious that I am the embodiment of beauty?  What feline is not a fine construction of grace and artful form?  I need not even lift a paw to get things done, in fact..."  The cat seems to be grinning as it looks down at you, "Most two-legs are very happy to do it for me."  With a lazy yawn, the cat lies down, crosses its paws, and once again becomes a statue.
Cast from dark brass, the puma is subtly engraved with a flowing pattern that brings forth an illusion of dark, short bristles of hair across the feline's sleek body.  Its large head and impassive eyes stare down at you in a curious fashion.  The dark tan coat of the graceful creature is brought through beautifully through the metal, and it gleams with reflected torchlight.  A small plaque is affixed to its base.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch puma statue
The eyes of the statue turn to face you and the puma stretches languidly upon the slab, then speaks in a voice trickled through with a throaty purr. "Well, two-legs... you seek my wisdom, then?  I am the patient.  I am the one who knows when and where to strike, for I have come to know my rival.  Learn such things, and value them highly.  No respectable cat charges headstrong into anything."  With another low, rumbling purr, the puma reclines back into its original position and becomes but a statue again.
Resembling a larger version of a housecat, the firecat is more sturdily built.  Its solid jawline is far more pronounced and thicker than the average feline's.  Swirls of crimson punctuate the surface of the stone, imitating the real creature's impressive coat.  It sits with its hind legs tucked underneath itself, staring down at you with deep golden eyes.  The edges of its impressive claws grip the ends of the slab that makes up its seat, each tinted a fiery gold that matches the hue of its eyes.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch firecat statue
A low purr emanates from within the statue, and its eyes begin to focus on you as you reach to touch it.  An intense, unblinking gaze meets yours as the firecat begins to speak, "You who walk upon two legs, I have seen many of your kin dead for their foolishness.  But you seek my wisdom, and I shall give it.  I am the embodiment of tenacity, of courage, of no fear for your own life - learn to accept that you and you alone determine whether you live or die.  Become cognizant of this fact and fear has no hold over you."  The statue falls silent, its eyes returning to their stony state.
The deep black of the obsidian is a precise imitation of the dark, sleek fur of a real warcat.  Subtle striations in the rock lend an illusion of the wide, tapering grey stripes of the animal.  Its pointed ears are curved sharply back, imparting a harshly scrutinizing appearance to its deep golden eyes that stare down at you.  A small plaque is affixed upon its base.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch warcat statue
A wave of energy distorts and blurs the warcat statue, and the statue appears to come alive.  The warcat gazes down at you and speaks in a low voice, "You seek my wisdom, two-legs?"  A throaty growl follows, "Very well - I am the embodiment of Assurance and Pride - of security and confidence in one's abilities.  For what are you, if you cannot be sure of yourself?"  With a low growl, the warcat is blurred by waves of energy that soon cease, leaving it just another statue.
Reclining upon the dark stone slab comfortably, the cheetah stares down in a scrutinizing fashion.  Its slightly scruffy fur is brought out through the dark gold hue from the metal which it's crafted of with languid brush-like strokes.  Thousands of tiny clustered spots are well-rendered upon its excellently portrayed fur, and its thin frame and long, curled tail accentuate the realistic appearance of the great cat.  A small plaque sits upon the base of the slab.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch cheetah statue
The cheetah blinks impassively at you and shifts its position upon the slab, then speaks in a smooth, flowing voice, "I would pity you if you were not such easy prey."  Yawning slowly, it resumes, "But you, you seek the wisdom of all that is perfection... then listen closely.  I am the swift, the flash in the dark, the lightning in the grass.  What good is a hunter if he cannot catch his prey?  Hone your agility in body, mind, and spirit, so that nothing may be beyond your reach."  The sleek cat stretches and suddenly returns to its statuesque state.
Crafted of orange-tinted gold, the tiger statue is a magnificent portrayal, its alternating pattern of black stripes contrasting with its brilliant fiery hue.  Silky tufts of fur are rendered in a wavy, smooth fashion, and its dark golden eyes stare out from behind a wide snout.  It sits with a regal bearing, shoulders hunched up as it gazes down with a blank, impassive look on its face.  A small plaque is affixed upon the slab it sits on.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch tiger statue
The tiger's eyes flicker over you in an impassive fashion, though it remains completely still.  "I am one with the surroundings, one with any shadow that hides," it growls.  "I am stealth.  Only the clever may master my skill, for the prey is wary."  An idle flick of its paw reveals huge claws for a brief moment, as it continues, "To surprise the hapless one is a measure of true skill.  Learn this well, two-legs, for the finest hunter is the one that is never seen by its victim."  The tiger's claws retract into its paw, and it resumes its statuesque position once again.
Its mane crafted from pure gold, the lion sits with its jaws open and its head thrown back in a triumphant and eternal roar.  Its large forelegs and equally impressive hindlegs are rendered in magnificent detail.  The look of its soft coat is brought through beautifully with a brushed technique upon the metal.  A small plaque is affixed to the base of the slab it sits upon.

In the Common language, it reads:

>touch lion statue
A loud roar echoes forth from the leonine statue, and it tilts its head down to stare directly at you.  "I am the embodiment of strength, for all cats are imbued with such.  This is why we are many.  This is why we survive.  Rise above the weak and be a hunter as we - for the weak shall inevitably perish."  The lion throws back its head and lets loose another roar, freezing into a statue-like state as it does.

Cleric Guilds

Displayed in the Prayer Rooms of each Cleric Guild is a statue of Andelas. These prayer rooms are considered a holy shrine to multiple deities.

The statue of Andelas depicts him reclining in a comfortable chair, one leg pulled up beneath him with feline grace.  Despite his seeming languor there is an aura of coiled tension about him.  He holds a thin-bladed dagger loosely cupped in his slender hand.  His smile is somehow both cruel and playful.

>touch Andelas
You reach out and touch the statue of Andelas.

A deep, rolling male voice says, "Meow."

Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild

Located in the Antechamber of Lornon is a table inset with fist-sized seals depicting all of the Lornon arkati, including one for Andelas. This area is not considered a holy shrine.

A black cat's head on a field of red is painted on the golden seal of Andelas.

Icemule Trace Cleric Guild

One of the Halls of Lessons in the Icemule Trace Cleric Guild is dedicated to Andelas. The statue is identical to that in the other Cleric Guilds. It is considered a holy shrine.

[Cleric Guild, Hall of Lessons]
Walls of dark-hued ice ascend in a curving arc to form this narrow circular chamber, the wan moonlight filtering through in fractured, hazy waves. A dark red altar stands near one of the walls, a quietly menacing statue carved out of the surroundings sitting behind it. Faint twinges of light emanate from the thick ice around the statue, distorted slightly by the crystalline facets, though at times the sparkles resemble a luminous slitted eye.
Obvious exits: northwest
>look altar
Fashioned from red-tinted steel dotted with subtle whorls, the altar's face bears the simplistic rendition of a cat's head carved from lustrous black onyx.  An open book lies upon the altar's surface, its cover of the exact same hue.

>read book
In the Common language, it reads:
"Darkness is a mystery.  Will it hold something pleasant, impartial... or something with claws?  Should you walk the path of the Cat, one day you might know."

River's Rest Cleric Guild

One of the Halls of Lessons in the River's Rest Cleric Guild is dedicated to Andelas. The statue is identical to that in the other Cleric Guilds. It is considered a holy shrine.

[Cleric Guild, Hall of Lessons]
Dimly lit by a mere few candles placed throughout the room, the walls of this small chamber feature bas-relief panthers and other cats crouched and ready to pounce. A pair of luminous emerald green eyes to the southeast belong to a statue of a man reclining in a comfortable chair, his shadowed form recessed in a small alcove. A claw-footed altar of deep red marble is set below the man's gaze, which seems almost indifferent.
Obvious exits: northwest
Cut from a solid block of mottled red marble, the altar bears an emblem of a black cat's head of onyx upon its face.  Resting on the lustrous surface of the altar is an open tome, its cover the same hue.

In the Common language, it reads:
"Fickle be Andelas, the Cat Lord.  One moment an amusing distraction, and in the next you're his newest prey.  And if you are lucky, both."


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Spell/Ability Messaging
CHANT (verb)
[1p cleric] You chant a reverent orison, asking Andelas for a successful hunt.
[3p cleric] CLERIC chants a short but reverent orison, asking for a successful hunt.
[1p paladin] You bow your head and chant a short prayer to Andelas, causing blood red and black light to momentarily coalesce in front of you.
[3p paladin] PALADIN bows his head and chants a short prayer, causing blood red and black light to momentarily coalesce in front of him.
Major Sanctuary (220)
You hear a low purr as the scene before you turns to amorphous shapes of warm color, then it all blurs...
[Feline Sanctuary]
Hot and well lit, the tree-bound platform stands high above the forest floor. Sunlight slants across the rough planks and a cool breeze rustles the nearby leaves. The sound of a prowling jaguar rises from the floor below, but is quickly quelled by an answering purr.
The world around you narrows, and a feeling of lassitude fills you...
Well of Life (308)
As you sense your souls have linked together, a deep, rich purring, more felt than heard, vibrates through your body.
Condemn (309)
[Success] A low, rumbling growl fills the air, freezing TARGET in (his/her/its) tracks!
[Failure] An angry feline yowl gives TARGET pause, but nothing comes of it.
[Damage] A sleek black shape leaps past TARGET and lashes out with sharp claws, slashing (him/her/it) for X points of damage!
[Debuff end] The rumbling growl directed at TARGET fades away.
Blind (311)
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Prayer (313)
[1p] Turning your thoughts inward, you ask for the pleasure of your deity to protect you. A low, rumbling purr vibrates through your head, and you sense that your prayer has been granted.
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Censure (316)
For your transgressions, you will be hunted, little prey. Between shadow and light, between branch and wall, the eyes you cannot see will see you. The claws are sharp, and your flesh is weak. Run, little prey, for the chase is marvelous fun....
Raise Dead (318)
[1p] A feeling of deep lassitude overcomes you as your lips part in a soft chant that is no louder than a gentle purr. Deep within your body you feel as though something is stretching languidly and slowly waking. The world takes on a black and white hue as another, deeper purr joins your own and at its climax you touch TARGET on the forehead. You feel a deep contentment at the exchange of raw power that your touch causes within his, and you feel the cat within return to quiet slumber; the experience leaving you to feel slightly weakened.
[2p] Shadows shift and roll around CASTER as his lips part in a soft chant that is no louder than a gentle purr. Taking on definition and contrast, the shadows around CASTER morph into the semblance of a large feline stretching languidly and his eyes take on a yellow cast as he gazes at you. A deeper, louder purr accompanies CASTER's as he touches your forehead and the feeling of raw power that burst over you blinds you. When your vision clears the shadows are long and his eyes have returned to normal.
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a dusky chrysoberyl cat symbol
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Divine Wrath (335)
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Caster's gaze grows keen and feral as a golden haze streaked with black manifests around him.
Suddenly, the shadows come alive with lithe feline forms, which prowl and stalk around in a wide-ranging circle.
An ethereal (random feline) lunges toward TARGET, slashing out viciously with its claws!
(missing end message)
[Look Caster]
a shadowy group of lithe feline forms prowling in a wide ring about the area
The glint of a claw, the gleam of a yellow eye, the graceful arch of a proud head, the disdainful flick of a tail in the second before a lightning-swift leap -- it is all that you can perceive of the circling forms. As soon as you try to focus your attention upon any single one of the shadows, it is gone, and an intense feeling of being watched creeps over you.
Symbol of the Proselyte (340)
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Miracle (350)
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Aid the Fallen (1613)
Repentance (1615)
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Judgment (1630)
You briefly close your eyes, and a loud thrumming sound, like that of something purring, rises up near you. A faint black light builds up and emanates from your hand before thin black claws extend from your hand!
A volley of black shards gleam from the tip of the claws, striking TARGET!
The ethereal claws on your hand slowly retract from view.
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Divine Incarnation (1650)
[Cast 1p] The last syllables of your spell roll off your tongue like a purr, and your vision narrows with impossible clarity in a flare of golden light.
[Cast 3p] The last syllables of CASTER'S spell roll off her tongue like a purr, and her eyes flare a tawny golden light as her pupils stretch into cat eye slits.
[Expiration 1p] You feel the influence of Andelas leaving you as the borrowed power curls within you, languidly falling into a deep and abiding sleep like a feline lounging in the sun.
[Expiration 3p] The tawny gold of CASTER'S eyes slowly begins to fade, not so much disappearing as receding inward, and her pupils are the last to recover, the slits gradually returning to normal.
[Zeal 1p] You beseech your patron for combat prowess as dusky grey shadow begins to take form, swirling violently around you.
[Zeal 3p] CASTER beseeches her patron as dusky grey shadow begins to take form, swirling violently around her.
[Armor 1p] As you loosen the tension from your muscles and invoke Andelas to share his mastery of the hunt, you feel a warmth ripple across your arms, chest, and back like a mantle of soft fur.
[Armor 3p] The tension seems to drain from CASTER'S body as her head dips, eyes taking on a predatory cast as swaths of ebon cascade over her arms and down her back and chest.
[Smite 1p] Invoking Andelas to guide your strike, the weapon in your hand is slowly obscured by a wash of ebon mist, and vicious crimson claws superimpose over your fingertips. You raise your weapon overhead, then slash at TARGET with the wild but calculating fury of Andelas.
[Smite 3p] CASTER'S weapon is slowly obscured by ebon mist as vicious crimson claws superimpose over her fingertips. With a wild look in her eyes that belies the calculation in her strike, she raises her hand overhead, then slashes at a TARGET with feline grace.
[Onslaught 1p] Losing yourself in the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the catch, the approaching glory of the kill, you become a manifestation of Andelas's power. With feline grace and ferocity, you lunge at your foes, each strike possessed of a preternatural fluidity and strength.
[Onslaught 3p]As CASTER'S words of supplication to Andelas dissipate on the air, she takes on an entirely different posture. Her limbs seem more elegant, her body more supple, and she moves with a feline-like grace. With ferocity, she lunges at her foes, each strike possessed of a preternatural fluidity and strength.
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