The Unending Circle

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The Unending Circle was a society of House Illistim that was concerned with controlling, maintaining, or forbidding incredibly dangerous magic. Demonic summoning would be the most exquisite example of recklessness, but they would presumably have problems with other magics of that nature as well, such as powerful portal magic or summoning things from the elemental planes. The society has a long-standing antagonism with the Watchers of the Eternal Eye, not least of which due to the number of members in their ranks who regard Lumnis as their patron.

The Unending Circle rose considerably in prominence after the Rhythus Veranthe incident of 5103 Modern Era, where the rogue sorcerer unleashed massive abyran'ra demons in a misguided attempt to demonstrate the safety of demonic summoning. Ironically, this would immediately lead to the widespread distribution of minor summoning techniques, and Avelleur maneuvering which ultimately led to the diplomatic relations with House Faendryl. There was considerable ire over this capitulation, but Myasara was forced to admit the necessity of their expertise.

The society had attempted to impose a universal ban on sorcery, which failed, and only achieved temporary success when forcing the Sorcerer Guild to shut down which was simply relocated. Ultimately, The Unending Circle has been on the losing end of the demonic question, though minor demons are still largely banned in most places. They have become a pressure group lobbying for the outlawing of various forms of magic, and working with the teachers among the Loremasters regarding safety in spell casting procedures.


The crest of The Unending Circle society was a trine of intertwined glowing blue circles.

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