Watchers of the Eternal Eye

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The Watchers of the Eternal Eye are a group of radical Illistim scholars. They are mostly comprised of scholars who wish to pursue research the Masters of Lore reject, whether because it is too dangerous, or ignored for some other reason given existing resources. The Masters of Lore are unwilling to pursue a number of subjects, deeming them "impractical", but possibly for any number of reasons that are less convincing for others.

The Watchers will step in wherever the Masters of Lore would demure. They will be much less bound by traditional Illistim ethics, in any case, often ruthless in the methods they employ to extract information. It is thought that they have a number of Fash'lo'nae followers among their membership, and so are only too willing to pursue subjects the culture often deems "taboo" or "forbidden." Fash'lo'nae himself is suspected as having been the one who distributed his own history, as collected and written by Vaelsoth Inzuniel. The Unending Circle, consisting of Lumnis followers wishing to ban "dangerous magic", are directly opposed to their efforts (especially on the subject of demons.)

They are known for their subversive scholarship, which is not always of an arcane nature. Their historical inquiries have often found "alternate bloodlines" of highly influential families, illegitimacies and so on, as well as "certain acts" committed by important figures of history or the ruling establishment. These are never in the form of speculation or innuendo, such as the scandals often suspected of the Council of Thrones, but with all the necessary proof to make the matter irrefutable. It has caused considerable embarrassment for a number of families, as well as powerful figures who are usually in the business of projecting the moral superiority of Illistimi ethos.


The crest of the Watchers is an open eye set against a black pyramid.

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