Troll Prince and the Orc

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This storyline, featuring Thrayzar, took place in 2010.

Troll Prince Visit

Posted by SCRAPPERK 21 August 2010

Ran into, or rather he ran into us, a Troll Prince in the city's streets last night. He seemed very agitated and under some type of duress.

A wild-eyed drooling troll prince just arrived.

A wild-eyed drooling troll prince says, "Make it stop..."

A wild-eyed drooling troll prince says, "Hurts...all over..."

This was all said while he was bashing my and my party's heads in.

You quietly say, "Make it stop ok."

He went south of me where someone made it stop hurting for him.

I was later told that his death cry consisted of one statement, " Curse....Her..."

That is all.


The Orc 8/26/10

Posted by BAELOG-VENTURE 27 August 2010

Odd happenings have been occurring in the Landing. Several nights ago, a Troll Prince appeared in the Landing, saying something about how he was in agony, yet was wantonly attacking and killing people before he was put down.

Last night, a kobold wandered into TSC, asking for help, apparently an orc cut the throat of one of his friends. We followed the kobold to the alley south of the small park, where he too had his throat cut, and was killed. Come to find out, it was indeed an orc that did it, an extremely skilled and intelligent orc at that. Unfortunately, many of those that followed dispersed after the kobold was killed. [OOC:Probably because the orc was named and appeared to be a player-character and not in Monsterbold] The orc, who was named Thrayzar Necksnapper, I tried to question. He refused to give up information, even when threatened, and returned with a threat of his own.

Thrayzar says, "Now, it's best you all forget I was here."

Thrayzar says, "Assuming you enjoy your families and friends."

Later, after he managed to slip away from me because I was far to careless, he slit the throat of another person that confronted him, a wee lass, right inside the bank. I propose we all be on the look out for this particular orc.

You see Thrayzar Necksnapper.
He appears to be an Orc.
He is average height and appears to be in the prime of life. He has bright malevolent yellow eyes and burgundy fur-covered skin. He has long, thick and matted deep burgundy hair worn in a multitude of war braids. He has an emaciated face, a flat nose and a bony cranium. He has sharp discolored fangs and a wicked scar across his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a nocked rolaren shield, a suit of bone-studded armor, a long sleek grey leather cloak, a bone-inlaid grey leather sheath, a small halfling skin pouch, a sturdy leather pack, some reinforced steel-toed boots, and some frayed dark leather pants.

Be on the lookout, he is considered extremely dangerous

The Orc 8/28/10

Posted by GREDGEWIZ 28 August 2010

I was resting in TSC after hunting minotaurs earlier in the evening tonight. There was a normal dozen or so gathered people and we all heard a scream come from the narrow alley near Tykel's.

I know of the orc that was going around causing trouble, as it had attacked Aoifekyna the night before and I saw her struggling to get help in town center, unable to speak until healed. She told everyone about the orc attacking people in town.

So, thinking the orc was up to no good again, I ran to the alley. There was no orc, but a girl named Mirayam looked like she had just finished tending an injured leg.

Mirayam was suddenly attacked and killed by a group of three bandits (just like the ones we kill in the adventurer's guild) soon after I arrived. I managed to kill them, but apparently one of them had fled away with her bag containing a number of books and her personal journal. After a healer and cleric assisted her in town the night watchman appeared.

I am apparently not on his Good list. After a few comments back and forth the watchman took Mirayam off for questioning. Not long passed before more mischief occurred...

Someone reported another orc attack in town. I recognized the orc as it quickly ran through town center and skulked around the town again, and happened to peer down the same narrow alley as before. The orc was kneeling there, and seemed to be preparing for something as I came towards it with a knife pointed to its throat.

The orc, Thrayzar, seemed unafraid and told me I should just forget I even saw him, then attempted to cut my throat as I had seen with other victims of his. After several attempts back and forth to disable one another we finally agreed to part ways and I snuck out of the alley to let the orc go about his business. Mostly curious about what he is up to. Even more curious, he did not seem to know anything about the books when I did propose the question in our little swashbuckling affair. It was most definitely not the last time we were going to meet.

Not soon after our parting there was more bloodshed. Thrayzar was killing the local militia and they were charging in the streets, trying to hunt him down and kill him. Several citizens of the town, including myself, Zaaldine, Giantphang, and many others, tried to help the militia by searching Thrayzar out of hiding and disabling him in any possible way. Zaaldine managed to mortally wound him in some way, and the orc fled, possibly dead. Not likely tho, if you ask me.

Moonshine Manor Officer
Events Team Leader

Citizens of Wehnimer's Landing Alerted!

Posted by GM Kenstrom 5 September 2010

In recent days, witnesses in Wehnimer's Landing gave credence to an orc spotted in town, one that spoke common and had a few deadly run ins with some citizens. It was later discovered that when local militia took to the streets, many of them were murdered by the orc who clung tightly to the shadows. The orc is said to still be alive and on the loose, its true intentions still unknown.

With the Frontier Days celebration ongoing, Chatelaine Chambeli has issued a warning to all citizens and visitors. If there are any other related incidents with the orc, they are to be reported to the local authorities at once and citizens are strongly encouraged to disengage and let the officials handle any danger. Recruits have taken on extra training and hours to be better prepared for the likelihood of other incursions.