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Tinnoc thrown weapon boxes were originally created for sale on the Wavedancer in 2005, based on a forum post of a suggested auction item that was a worn scaly creature, such as a dragon or shark or fish, from which you removed a scale (as written, this was unlimited) that could be thrown.

GM Thanthyl used a modified design to instead be a spring-loaded box with built-in blade to shave a sliver off of a slab or bar of raw material. These slivers can then be thrown, acting as a dagger of that material (including any inherent flare, enchantment, or other property). As with normal thrown weapons, they can get stuck in creatures or vanish into the surroundings and be lost; if recovered, they can be re-used.

Off-the-shelf versions have different descriptions. Several more powerful versions are in limited release--via auction, raffle, or ticketed event--and at least one of each were released where every sliver was:

For example, a golvern sliver from the +10 box would be a +35 weapon.

The boxes are belt-worn, and can handle a forging slab of at least 20 pounds with no problem, although there is NO modification to the slab's effect on encumbrance.