Town Gardens Herb Shop

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Town Gardens Herb Shop is the herb shop in River's Rest. It is located down a trail north of Town Commons, directly south of the Empath Guild.

[River's Rest, Town Gardens]
Against the backdrop of a forest to the south, this garden is open to a starlit sky. In unruly disorder, flowers and herbs of all descriptions are scattered in several beds throughout the gardens. To the north, a large meadow spreads out as far as you can see. Off to one side, a wizened old elf is busily uprooting weeds from one particularly overgrown bed. Whistling a merry tune, he occasionally breaks into a sweet song as he works, smiling at all who enter his domain. You also see a narrow moss-covered trail which lazily winds its way out of sight into the thick forest to the south, a large basket of herbs and a weathered sign tacked to a wooden stake.


Welcome to the Town Gardens!
An elderly gardener offers his catalog to browse.
An elderly gardener exclaims, "{You}!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."
  1. some acantha leaf      10. some haphip root
  2. some wolifrew lichen   11. some basal moss
  3. some torban leaf       12. some pothinir grass
  4. some woth flower       13. some sovyn clove
  5. some ambrominas leaf   14. a bolmara potion
  6. some ephlox moss       15. a brostheras potion
  7. some cactacae spine    16. a talneo potion
  8. some calamia fruit     17. a wingstem potion
  9. some aloeas stem       18. a bur-clover potion
  Backroom Catalog
  19. a tkaro root

Additional Notes

  • Newcomers may be surprised to note that rose-marrow potion is not sold in River's Rest
  • The large basket typically contains herbs donated by community members