River's Rest, Town Commons

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Located down a path just north of the drawbridge inside town, the Town Commons is a favorite resting spot for adventurers in River's Rest. Shaded by a large willow tree and carpeted by lush, green grass, the commons is a relaxing spot to reflect on your recent experiences.

The Commons serves as a one stop service center for lockpicking, healing, resurrection, and mass spells. There is also a crate and treat bag under the bench as well as a community box behind the tree, in which adventurers can leave unwanted items for others to use. Other features of the commons are a platform resistant to magic where locksmiths can take care of particularly dangerous boxes and a barrel for items too worthless to toss in one of the receptacles.


Being a gathering spot for most of the town the commons can get quite busy, especially with so many services going on at once there. In order for everyone to enjoy themselves and to keep the madness at manageable levels, the locals have adopted a negative attitude towards some practices. In order to avoid accidentally getting on someone's bad side, visitors should keep the following points in mind.

  • The Commons can be a good place to get audience repetitions for some guild skills, and most of the time the only spot. Constantly practicing the same thing repeatedly with no pause may make providers of some services reluctant to help when you seek those services, however.
  • Since the Commons is a resting spot, open combat is strongly discouraged. If you wish to duel or things get too heated, it is customary to take it across the drawbridge, this helps stay out of trouble with the Fleet Captain as well.
  • Pickpocketing is also strongly discouraged. May the gods help you if you are caught with sticky fingers in the commons, cause few of the locals will.
  • Selling items left in the various receptacles is a major taboo. Take them if you need them, otherwise leave them for others that do.


  • During the krolvin occupation of 5103 access to the commons was cut off to adventurers, arrows being fired at any who dared approach the path into it.
  • The crate under the bench was dragged into place from behind the Stone Eye and decorated by local gnome Starchitin Elfpeer for locals to place unneeded herbs in.
  • Initially, the Commons was used only by locksmiths. Empaths and clerics gathered in the River's Rest, Sanctuary, which was also where most folks rested. The Sanctuary is now mainly used by those seeking to avoid crowds in the Commons and as an emergency triage location during invasions when the Commons becomes too dangerous.
  • The grass was made more interactive by a golden pickle request. The nature of the interaction was intended to honor a locksmith named Widlebeest who had an unwavering loyalty to the Rest and it's citizens for many years.


Fresh green grass, green as the greenest emerald, is soft underfoot and a pleasing foreground for a weathered wooden bench resting in the shade of a graceful willow tree. Birdsong fills the air and intermingles with the voices of folk who stroll through the commons, and on occasion stop to exchange a tale or two with friends they meet along their way. A dusty path to the south and a riverstone walkway to the north are joined by a tall evergreen hedge which borders the edges of the lawn. You also see a large wooden barrel.