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Training points are points characters acquire as they gain experience. A character uses the training points to train up in their various skills.

There are two types of training points. Mental training points and physical training points. They are calculated by the following formula:

MTPs = 25 + [(LOG + INT + WIS + INF + ((AUR + DIS) ÷ 2)) ÷ 20]
PTPs = 25 + [(STR + CON + DEX + AGI + ((AUR + DIS) ÷ 2)) ÷ 20]
Note: A character's prime requisites are doubled for the above formulas.

A character maxed out in their stats could, therefore, have a maximum of 50 TPs of each type per level. If two of the stats are prime requisites of the character's class, the maximum TPs that can be obtained are 60. For example, a rogue has two physical stats as the prime requisites: dexterity and agility. Therefore, a rogue can have a maximum of 60 PTPs and 50 MTPs in a given level.