Treetop Market

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Treetop Market is the general store in Cysaegir. It is located on the Treetop Platform, south of Gaertira's Herbs. It is run by Trinaiessa, who cannot be interacted with directly aside from shopping.

[Treetop Market]
Fragrant wisteria coils around the white-washed latticework that has been suspended as the ceiling, from which dangles several of the smaller wares for sale. Stocked shelves are festooned with garlands of lilies and roses, while lovely bouquets sit upon display tables. An antique rocking chair with a throw blanket folded over one arm rests cozily beside a simple carved stand. You also see a small wicker pannier.


Name Price
1. a glass-beaded white herb pouch 500
2. a feathered silk pouch 500
3. a blackened ring-stamped sheath 1000
4. a dark crystal-beaded sheath 1000
5. a small pearly black sack 750
6. a small fox-embroidered sack 750
7. a large dove-clasped sack 1000
8. a large ivy-stitched sack 1000
9. a braided silver satin satchel 1500
10. a bleached cotton mesh satchel 1500
11. a soft butter suede knapsack 1500
12. a tanned leather knapsack 1500
13. a marbled blue leather backpack 2000
14. a multicolored scaled backpack 2000
15. a small gold-bound chest 1000
16. a large gold-bound chest 1500

Treetop Market does not have any merchandise for sale in its backroom.