Trident's Voyage

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Trident's Voyage is a specialty shop in River's Rest. It is run by Doryn and Cori, refugees from Caligos Isle, and houses their inventory of dishes and utensils.

[Trident's Voyage] RNUM: 32581
Thin lengths of fishing wire drape from one corner of the shop to the other, the nearly invisible threads suspending bamboo-framed lanterns shaped like colorful schools of fish, their dyed vellum scales covered in silver lacquer. Overlapping scrolls of aged parchment cover the walls, inked with a nautical map of the continent's seaways, the teal waters dotted with various ships and sea creatures. The faint scent of toasted spices wafts in from the northern area of the shop, followed by joyous singing.


Trident's Voyage Trinkets
  1. a spherical oak-framed glass   6. a three-tined driftwood fork
  2. a square wood-framed glass     7. a carved driftwood spoon
  3. a glass and blonde oak plate   8. a nacre-inset blonde oak spoon
  4. an amber and driftwood plate   9. a set of pale driftwood chopsticks
  5. a nacre and blonde oak fork    10. a set of blonde oak chopsticks

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Trident's Voyage is a food shop in River's Rest. It is run by Doryn and Cori, refugees from Caligos Isle. It is the cafe portion of their shop.

[Trident's Voyage, Cafe] RNUM: 32582
Origami clouds and sea birds meander above a linen-draped natural blonde oak table, the sideboard encircled by several rope-strung chairs crafted from faded fishing nets. Sea kale-encircled planters of fresh flora are scattered along the perimeter of the shop, each container flanked by a capybara-shaped watering can situated below rain chains of hammered copper. The bamboo-set walls of the room display dozens of sketches, the drawings depicting life from Caligos Isle and beyond.


Trident's Voyage Cafe Menu
  1. a shell-shaped parchment box     6. a piece of pepper-flecked pork
  2. some marinated olives            7. some spiced whitefish
  3. some pickled papaya and turnip   8. a square of coconut custard
  4. some crispy plantain chips       9. some honey-roasted figs
  5. some spiced brown rice           10. a cup of winterberry tea