Urgaen's Pawnshop

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Urgaen's Pawnshop is a standard pawnshop located in Cysaegir. Its entrance is an open wood-framed doorway. This pawnshop buys and sells merchandise. It is run by Urgaen, a friendly old elf. Oddly enough, it is located somewhat far from the town center, at the bottom of a cave.

Main Room

[Urgaen's Pawnshop] RNUM: 4683
Melodic chimes dangle above the ash door, signaling the arrivals and departures from this cozy pawnshop. Dangling above a polished white oak counter, a crooked plank has been decorated with a child's colorful beadwork that reads, "Pawnshop." A fringed curtain obscures an archway that leads to the rear of the shop. You also see a small wooden bin and Urgaen.
Obvious exits: out


>look at chimes
Butterflies have been expertly etched upon the gleaming gold metal.  The slender tubes tinkle melodically against each other with the slightest provocation.

>look at bin
An assortment of useless trash litters the bottom of the bin.

>look in bin
The wooden bin is filled with a variety of garbage.  You see nothing useful or appetizing.

>look at Urgaen
A kindly-looking old elf, Urgaen's face is round and cheerful looking.  He is clothed in a fanciful ensemble of colorful fabrics embroidered with tiny butterflies, and perched on his nose is a pair of round, steel-rimmed spectacles.  His mouth is curved in a wry grin, and his blue eyes have a mischievous sparkle to them.

Ambient Messaging

As Urgaen paces back and forth behind the counter, he bonks his head on the sign hanging from the ceiling.  Urgaen mutters under his breath as he rubs his bruised forehead.

Urgaen leans on the counter, resting his head on both hands as he gazes wistfully out the windowed door.

Urgaen hunches his shoulders and snivels in a passable imitation of Haegan, "Hey there.  Look at all my fancy new weapons.  Come pay five times what they're worth and make me rich!  Woo!"  He then rolls his eyes and leans up against a wall waiting for his next customer.

Urgaen lifts the fringed curtain and peeks back into the rear of his shop for a second.

Urgaen pulls a copy of the Elanthian Journal out from beneath the counter and reads it as he waits for his next customer.

Urgaen whistles softly as he uses a dusting cloth to carefully polish the chimes.

Urgaen whistles softly as he uses a dusting cloth to carefully polish the gilded plaque.

Urgaen whistles softly as he uses a dusting cloth to carefully polish the white oak counter.

Sales Room

[Urgaen's Pawnshop, Backroom] RNUM: 17162
Neatly stacked crates abut the stone walls, partially hidden beneath folded, vibrant linen throws. Nary a speck of dust can be found, despite the plethora of stored items in this room. Several tables have been conveniently arranged in a row, far across the room from a small curtained archway. You also see a magic table with some stuff on it, a miscellaneous table with some stuff on it, a weapon table with some stuff on it and an armor table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none