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AKA Mufassa


Name: High Lord Mufassa Calahann
Profession: Cleric
Title: Title: High Priest of Phoen
Race: Giantman Gender: Male
Age: an adult (42)
Date of Birth: 6/28/5074
Clan: Wsalamir Arctic Clan
He is very tall and appears to be an adult.
He has warm indigo-flecked emerald green eyes and fair skin.
He has thick, unruly black hair brushed casually away from his brow.
He has a rose-hued full-face mask molded into a fire sprite likeness fullycovering his face and deep laugh lines.
He is wearing a misty blue silk pennon embroidered with an ancient sephwir tree that juts over his shoulder.


Full citizen of Mist Harbor
Member of House of Paupers
Member of The Black Wolves
Officer of Inner Sanctum
Master in the Order of Voln
Member of the Cleric Guild
Follower of Phoen


Strongest foe vanquished: a massively tall rotting being