Wsalamir Arctic Clan

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"a thick rhimar armband"
You see a thick rhimar armband with an image carved into the metal. The carving is of a huge, cloaked giantman with a wounded wendigo reaching up with a hand to the moon behind him. The words "Wsalamir Arctic Clan" are etched below the scene


The Wsalamir are likely the most secluded of the known Clans. They reside up in the center of the DragonSpine Mountains, northeast of Icemule Trace by roughly a month's travel. Not much is known about this clan, save that the members are very in tune with nature, some to the point of being able to alter it. Many of the members choose not to speak, but if they do it is in quiet, deep tones.

Brief History/Notes

The first appearance of the Wsalamir was the Battle of Maelshyve. They sent a small group of highly skilled fighters at the request of the Warmaster to reinforce the front lines. As they do not speak much, it was difficult to find out anything about how long they had traveled, from where, and what their orders were. About the only useful information that was gained was that they were absolutely deadly with the huge weapons they brought with them, and that they had told their loved ones goodbye before coming to the battle - they fought with the kind of reckless abandon that was held by no personal ties.
The Wsalamir are close-mouthed about their origins. Thus their location, their ties with nature, or their skills, are unknown. They are among the most reclusive of the clans.
The clan also had a special relationship with the wendigo, a creature that was a mixture of giant and giantman. Due to this relationship, the Wsalamir were hunted purely out of vengeance by inhabitants of the north after a wounded wendigo called upon for the slaughter of a village. Members of the clan went and fought in the Battle of Maelshyve.
The first chieftain of the tribe was known as Aemarlantea, and many of the original founders were believed to have frost giant in their blood.


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