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Greetings fellow Elanthians!

I am the controller of several characters, but the most well known and oldest of them is Zizzle. I started playing GemstoneIII when I discover the game way-way back in the great AOL migration. The total number of levels my combined characters have is somewhere over 250, but I have yet to cap any of them.

Although about 95% of my characters are of good alignment, I do have a particular secretive one who is basically a troublemaker, a pickpocket, and quite evil.

Zizzle Zearlight

Zizzle is a wizard who is attuned to lightning. He has been around in the lands before the time Icemule Trace was discovered. He has lived in Wehnimer's Landing his entire career, and has citizenship there.

Currently Zizzle mostly hunts in Darkstone Castle and Stone Valley. He primarily hunts Sheruvian harbingers, and Nightmare steeds in Darkstone, and hunts Illoke shamans, Illoke mystics while trying to avoid the blasted Stone giants and Stone mastiffs in Stone Valley.

Zizzle is a member of the House of Rising Phoenix and a Master of Voln. He also was the unofficial workshop coordinator of the Phoenix workshop back in the day when mana pools were used, and the House workshop was only available to wizards of the House who possessed special keys to gain entrance to it. He took over the reins of workshop coordinator from the then coordinator Merlock, and held the position for several years. His task was to make sure that all the wizards who wished to enchant had access to the shop, and that they adhere to the rules of use. It was a treat to have a workshop available for those nice 10x gear that Voln wizards of Phoenix simply could not hope to achieve in a public one.

Some famous folks Zizzle had the pleasure of hunting with over the years; Lord Strom, Lord Giantsheild (yes, I know it is mispelled, but that was his name!) Lord Dionket, Lord Joloven, Lord Toren, Lord Gaq, Lord Xrothgar, Lord Dredroberts, Lady Guen... (I forget the exact spelling, but Lady Guenhafyr has many variations and I cannot remember the exact spelling of her cleric's name, or her sister the empath), Lady Aprilfire, Lady Mystra and Lord Waldo2 who was also the officer of Phoenix who inducted me to the House of Rising Phoenix.

more to come . . .