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Available To Rogues
Mnemonic [VANISH]
Cost Base 25 plus
1/sec w/o SM active or
1/2 sec w/ SM active
(Capped at 75)
Roundtime 0
Requirements Stalking and Hiding recommended
Prerequisites Rank 4 of Shadow Mastery
Rank Square
1 4  
3 12

Vanish is a combat maneuver available to rogues which allows the rogue to hide with no roundtime, or while in roundtime.

This hasty attempt comes with a penalty to the hide check of 10*(3 - Ranks) + 15*(Armor Group - 1).

You immediately attempt to hide with 0 RT. At rank 2, you are able to hide while in 5 seconds or less of RT. At rank 3, you can hide while in any amount of RT.

The attempts to vanish are subjected to the same restrictions as a normal attempt to hide.

Stamina Cost: 25 + 1 per second of RT remaining without Shadow Mastery active, per two seconds of RT with Shadow Mastery active

Each attempt from the open will cost stamina, but once the rogue is in hiding accidentally attempting the maneuver again will not result in a stamina reduction.

There is no cool down period because the stamina costs are prohibitory enough to keep players from using this ability consistency.


>cman vanish
With subtlety and speed, you aim to clandestinely vanish into the shadows.
You attempt to blend with the surroundings and feel confident that no one has noticed your doing so.