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Gender Neutral
Race Human
Status alive
Relationship(s) NA
Alias/Title NA
Affiliation(s) the Lady of Silence


You see Veidae the Seer of Gosaena.
They appear to be a Human.
They are very tall and have a slight, willowy frame.  They appear to have come of age.  They have dark kohl-lined icy blue eyes and smooth olive skin.  They have lustrous, feathery silver hair that trails over their shoulders and tapers to the small of their back.  They have a narrow face and high cheekbones.  A constellation of tiny moles lies scattered across their nose and cheeks.
They have some intricate white-inked tattoos composed of graceful lines stretching from wrist to elbow on each arm.
They are in good shape.
They are wearing a cord-strung silver sickle backed by a disc of green abalone, a pearl grey satin chasuble, some sleeveless pewter linen robes cinched with a series of thin silver belts, and a pair of grey suede sandals.


As Veidae reaches overhead to several bundles of herbs strung from the tent supports, the drape of their chasuble falls back from their forearms.  Intricate tattoos in white ink stand out against their olive skin, spanning the distance from wrist to elbow with graceful, feathery strokes in abstract designs that accentuate their musculature.

Studying a row of small apothecary jars, Veidae gingerly retrieves one and approaches the water-filled bowl.  The glass tinks sharply as they remove the stopper and tip the jar, letting two drops of cerulean liquid plink into the water.  After sitting the jar aside, Veidae stirs the waters with an index finger a single time, then watches how the whorls of color evolve within the currents.

With a soft sigh, Veidae begins to move about the tent, gathering items in their arms.  A large bundle of shroud linens, a small vial of oil, a ribbon-tied bundle of dried herbs and flowers, and a pair of specie.  Tying up the items in a bundle of grey cloth, they leave it on a small table by the exit.  Short moments later, a boy in a sickle-crested silver livery scurries in, retrieves the bundle, and hurries out.

With a cupped hand, Veidae scoops up some water from the wide-lipped silver bowl.  As they whisper a lilting incantation, the liquid coalesces into a small sphere and hovers above their palm.  their sharp icy blue eyes cloud for a moment, and the sphere of water flashes silver before darting off into the night.

Veidae holds their hands out to a cast iron brazier in the far back corner of the tent, flexing their long, slender fingers before rubbing their hands briskly together.

From beneath the ash limb perch at the rear of the tent, Veidae retrieves a single snowy owl feather.  As they return to the water-filled bowl, they cup their hands around the feather, murmuring hushed words before a pale radiance mists over the surface of their skin.  Gently, they set the feather afloat on the surface of the water and settle in to studiously observe its movements.


Caligos "There is no salvation for this rock," Veidae murmurs, words softly spoken but ardent. "It is poisoned beyond redemption."
Death "Ah, Death," Veidae muses as they flex their hand, seeming to gaze idly at the white tattoos etched against their olive skin. "She is the peace every soul craves yet knows not how to name."
Ghezresh "Vile, unnatural thing," Veidae pronounce vehemently as something shifts in the depths of their icy blue eyes. "He has been permitted to hinder souls for far too long."
Gosaena Veidae's eyes seem to brighten momentarily before they glance away from you, murmuring, "Death is a tender mistress. Without judgment or scorn, She offers the sweetest oblivion."
Lorminstra Veidae clasps their hands at their back as they offer a noncommittal hum. "A capable enough shepherd, I suppose, for those not yet at the end of their journey."
Luukos The seer makes a dark sound low in their throat before regarding you with a narrowed gaze. "A snake that has one head too many," they utter in a deathly even tone.
Species The seer offers a brief smile. "They can be found around the island, I'm told. If you bring them to me, then I will bless them for you."
Villagers The muscles around Veidae's mouth tighten as they turn their eyes to gaze through the open tent flap. "Too many souls have fought for death only to be trapped in the endless mire that infects this place," they say before softly adding, "It must end... soon."
Warning Veidae hums for a brief moment, a sound flat and noncommittal, and then says, "Yes. I think most of us have heard it by now. Which is why we should hurry to save those souls."

The Shrine of Veidae

[Wyrdeep Forest, Hidden Ruins]
Moonlight falls in brilliant shafts through the barely there ceiling of this crumbling ruin, dappling the scattered detritus and encroaching greenery in pale silver. Vines dotted with fragrant moonflowers wend among the exposed wooden framework beneath the stone walls and roof, verdant tapestries woven of persistent life. In an alcove at the head of the ruin is a statue, caught in a wash of pale light, no more or less untouched than its surroundings and likewise draped in flower-adorned greenery. You also see a nebulous swirling grey portal that expels rays of silvery light.

  • a stone statue: This statue, though its artistry is evident, has not been untouched by the ravages of time and the untamed forests surrounding its sanctuary. Its face has been largely shorn away, leaving only a craggy, featureless visage. Marble pools in carved folds about its shoulders, while the rest of its robe falls in inexplicably lifelike detail to drape from slender wrists. One hand, missing half of its fingers, sits open and palm turned skyward, while the other is clenched about the haft of an elegant sickle.

Quest of Veidae

In 5120 - A Tale of Death
In 5121 - A Tale of Ownership