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Special case
Special Case Auction

AUCTION is an informational verb. It is used prior and during live auctions such as the Great Auction of 2016.


Note: This will populate with AUCTION HELP or AUCTION by itself.

    AUCTION INFO    - Instructions relating to latest auction.
    AUCTION LIST    - Displays any lists relating to the latest auction.
    AUCTION INSPECT - Remotely inspect the item currently up for bid.
    AUCTION ANALYZE - Remotely analyze the item currently up for bid.



AUCTION INFO displays the most current information regarding an upcoming or currently running auction. Displayed below is an example from the 2022 Premium Auction.

The 2022 Premium Auction will be held on Saturday, July 30th, beginning at 9pm EST in both Platinum and Prime.  It is important for all participants to "help us help you", and keep noise to a minimum while the auction is running.  This means disabling any ambient message generators, and leaving your pets/demons/animates at home.  Questions are welcomed, but repeatedly answering the same questions will slow the process down.  We thank you in advance for helping us conduct the auction as swiftly and expeditiously as possible.

In order to gain entrance to this Auction, you need to have been a paid Premium subscriber for 80 continuous days leading up to the 30th, otherwise the portal will not let you enter.  It's important to note that Promo accounts will not suffice to gain entry.

Auction tents will be placed in Gardenia Commons.

You will need all the silver and/or notes on your person at the time of BIDing.  The bidding mechanics validate the silvers on your character at the time you type BID [amount].  Coin hands, pouches, banks, gambling kits, and any other silver storing item do not get accounted for when checking your silver amounts.

There are no account limitations on wins.

Each item is being started with a minimum bid that makes passed items very unlikely, but in case there is an item that doesn't receive any bids, it will be removed and will not be offered again.

The items we post about are teasers.  We will not be giving detailed listings of items prior to the event.

We will give you as much information as we can about the items -- our goal is not to trick you.  Each item that goes up for auction may be INSPECTed and ANALYZEd for information.  If you cannot or do not wish to be present in person, you can use AUCTION INSPECT and AUCTION ANALYZE to see the information on the item currently up for bid, and listen to updates on the ESP Auction channel (ESP TUNE AUCTION).

ITEM DETAILS: Post-Auction
You are welcome to post about your auction item soon after you pick up your newfound treasure.


AUCTION LIST will display an auction's current list of items that are or will be up for bid.

No items up for bid
>auction list
There are no current auction items to view.
Items up for bid
>auction list
Auction, Golden Dreams
In storage: 
  A squat black candle
  A bottle of coconut milk
  A gleaming property deed
  A mithril broadsword
  A quartz crystal
  A bamboo-handled brass fork
  A sharply curved silver wristcuff wrapped in raw silk
  A diamond potion
  A small silver dragon pendant
  A gold bar
  A mammoth, peacock-colored dragon sitting majestically before you

Items currently in the chest:
  A striped deep purple glass bottle
  A marquise-cut white starstone crown
  A deeply hooded shadowy farszig burnoose threaded in black and grey


AUCTION INSPECT is used to inspect items that are currently available in the auction for bidding in order to ascertain their properties.

Nothing up for bid
>auction inspect
There is nothing currently up for auction.
Item up for bid
>auction inspect
An ochre-flecked sandy taupe linen saephua is on the display table in Auction, Golden Dreams.
It is a small item, under a pound.
It is estimated to be worth about 50,000 silvers.
It is predominantly crafted of cloth.
The saephua can be worn around the chest.
Bidding has not yet opened.
Minimum bid: 50,000


AUCTION ANALYZE can be used to view any script information an item may have. Similar to AUCTION INSPECT, this only works when an item is currently up for bid.

Nothing up for bid
>auction analyze
There is nothing currently up for auction.
Item up for bid
>auction analyze
You remotely analyze an ochre-flecked sandy taupe linen saephua that is up for bidding in Auction, Golden Dreams.
You sense that the creator has provided the following information:

Originally sold at the 5107 Dragonfly Festival, an ochre-flecked sandy taupe linen saephua was spruced up and resold at the 5119 Ebon Gate Festival on Caligos Isle.

The saephua is a wrap-style shirt that provides special cultural messaging for the aelotoi, though anyone can wear one.  It should always remain a fabric item, but can have the noun of saephua or chest-wrap.

The saephua is 4 out of 4 tiers.

It has access to the following verbs: applaud, glare, gnash, fold, hug, pinch, pull, push, remove, slap, stomp, stretch, tap, touch, tremble, wear

You get no sense of whether or not the saephua may be further lightened.

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