Vignette: Forbidden Love

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Forbidden Love

Author: Opalina Jalcon

Forbidden Love

Ta’Vaalor was not a quiet little town. It was a booming hub with military personnel buzzing in and out of the walls, wounded coming in and refreshed healed warriors heading back out. The elven world upside down once again trying to gain some footing against the foes threatening to destroy them. Orcs, Undead, Virktoth was walking the lands and his creations were roamed the countryside causing havoc.

About him

Bijou Guillaume and his brother Jett were regular crimson legion soldiers. They were sent on mission after mission to help scrub the countryside free of the swarms of orcs and undead. It was one mission where they faced the Vengroth raiders. These were some of the most vial and vicious raids that most elves didn’t survive. The number of orcs and undead working together was astronomical. The elves that dropped were in turn reanimated causing elves to fight their own troops. Though this particular battle was not won, the brothers fought bravely. They were trapped by a rather large group of orcs with several of their troop members wounded. Fighting side by side the two brothers managed to fend off the ogres and protect the remaining troops until help arrived. This event earned the brothers the golden Wyvern metals which is only issued to brave soldiers who battle at great personal risk and protect the safety and security of fellow legionnaires. After Vengroth was finally destroyed and the battles winding down The two brothers were stationed in different zones and separated.

Bijou was assigned to a small fort on the edge of the Ta’Vaalorian lands high into the Dragonspine mountains. They had heard reports of orcs and giants in the area. They were tasked with seeking information on their camps and report back for future missions. Bijou would climb to the top of the tower and look out on the lands using his scope. Early one morning before the sun rose above the horizon, he spotted a dim light in the distance and quickly raised his eyeglass to peer through. His arms tingled and his heart raced thinking he was about to spot danger, but what he saw was anything but. Long wild red hair was barely visible against the stark white snow before him. A soft brown hide dress covered the figure as they bent over into the snow seemingly pushing it aside. There was a basket next to the form and a soft light emanated from a lone candle. The light was bright enough to expose the figure and minute details. As he continued to watch he was able to distinguish that the figure was a female. She seemed to be happy and contently working and completely unaware of his presence in the tower. The soldier nearly stumbled backwards when a large white owl landed on the edge of the tower and looked at him. The soldier could have sworn those eyes were watching him. He ignored the owl and went back to watching the woman.

Days went by, and every morning the woman showed up in a different part of the hillside. The owl would also return and sit watching him as he watched her. As the days turned into weeks, he wanted to meet this mystery woman.

About her

Gemma Thornburg is a small halfling, she loved her mother and father. She worked the tobacco farm for them picking the leaves by morning light before the heat of the day and before the bears woke up. She was always quiet and alone. She had her mothers red fiery hair and her father’s calm nature. When she wasn’t farming, she was learning about animals and exploring the woods. She sold her families tobacco to the elf in Pinefar who then sold it to everyone else. Her companion was a beautiful snow-white owl. She met him while out one morning working on the farm. They became fast friends when she saved his life when he was caught in a hunter’s trap for rabbits. The bird was going for the rabbit but the rabbit outsmarted the owl, bam hunters trap. In return for saving her, the owl watched out for her while she was out in the field and alerted her to anything out of the ordinary. That is how she learned about the soldiers in the keep. One in particular was always at the top of the tower on look out. Her owl shared with her how he looked. He was quite dashing. His clothes were always crisp and clean his hair smooth and dark and well kept. His eyes were a blue as the ocean. A true Vaalorian elf. Troops were known to sometimes stay in the keep and tower. It never really bothered her before but this one. He was different. She felt a draw to want to know him. Every morning she returned to a new part on that same hill so he could always see her. But he sure wasn’t making any moves. Maybe it was her who needed to make the first move.

The meeting

The owl found it’s perch on the corner of the tower. This morning a small gift was left for him. The Vaalorian elf left box with a mouse trapped in the bottom of it unable to escape. The owl was quite pleased with the gift. The owl thought to the woman and told her about the gift. The woman decided it was time and spoke through the owl. “Thank you.” The owl hooted softly. The Vaalorian not expecting the owl to speak replied, “Your welcome.” After the owl gobbled down the rodent he spoke again, “She would like to meet you.” The Vaalorian gasped and looked out at the hill and saw the woman looking directly at him. The Vaalorian was completely embarrassed but responded, “I would like to meet her as well, when?”

Power of Attraction

The couple met and started talking, they would stroll for hours after they were both done with their duties. They talked about the war, about their families, about their interests. As it turned out, Ta’Vaalorians were very much against the couple being a mated pair. They refused to listen to reason and refused to see Gemma as anything more than an outsider. They were forbidden to be married in Vaalor. The couple were determined to be together so when Bijou was able to finally retire from the Armor on his 100th day of service he left Ta’Vaalor. He left his brother, his family, and all his friends and comrades.

The retirement

Gemma’s family was more accepting. They loved Bijou and how he loved their daughter. They gave the couple a grand wedding and helped them get their own farm. Gemma’s immediate family wasn’t exceptionally rich but her mother was cousins with Talbot Dabbings, who helped donate a small plot of land as a wedding gift. It was here that the couple settled down

Till Death

The Krolvin war was over, Talbot Dabbing the hero was dead. And Things were going back to normal in the lands. Bijou and Gemma spent hours out in the fields trying to keep up with the demand for tobacco, Their baby girl always with them. This one particular morning they were ambushed by a group of bears, which did not take kindly to them being so close to their settlement. These weren't normal bears they were moving in packs. Gemma hid her little gem in an empty cave as she was asleep and unaware of the dangers around her. Gemma placed a soft kiss on her babies head and hung a pendant around her neck. She ran to help her beloved fight off the bears, but there were too many. They perished that day. Never to see their daughter raised. The elf and the halfling were found arms outstretched and reaching for each other as their blood seeped into the snow. Their body parts were gathered and buried in the Icemule cemetery. Their daughter presumed to be dead as well.


Talbot Dabbings


Krolvin War



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