Krolvin War

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The Krolvin War occurred approximately around 4926 M.E. when the Krolvin launched an invasion force against the Turamzzyrian Empire.

The war began with the discovery of the Krolvin homeland of the island of Isle of Glaoveln by a Turamzzyrian Expedition to the north of Wehnimer's Landing. The Empress of the Turamzzyrian Empire, Geleena Anodheles, dispatched three emissaries to the Krolvin with a proposal of peace, trade, and diplomatic ties. The Krolvin killed the emissaries and launched a war against the human empire.

The Krolvin attack ran down the western coast of Elanthia, hitting Wehnimer's Landing, Brisker's Cove, River's Rest, and Solhaven. While the Krolvin were ultimately repulsed, with some aide from the Reivers, they managed to establish two footholds. During the battle of Wehnimer's Landing, a small halfling named Talbot Dabbings emerged a hero who saved the outpost from defeat.