Visureik Avelleur

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Visureik Avelleur is a member of the Watchers of the Eternal Eye society, a radical group of Illistim scholars who rejected the limitations imposed by the Masters of Lore. In recent years, he came to light with interest in relics that were excavated in Maelshyve by Faendryl archaeologists, which were presented to the Illistim Court on Imaerasta 6, 5120 by Tredohal Hashier Faendryl. Housed within a veil iron and crystal box, Ambassador Tredohal relinquished a warped and blackened massive rhimar-edged waraxe to the Watchers for further study. Curator Zenlynn was then tasked with finding the relic a suitable home within Museum Alerreth.

You see Master Visureik Avelleur the Watcher of the Eternal Eye.
He appears to be an Illistim Elf.
He is average height.  He appears to be ancient.  He has deep-set pale grey eyes and copper skin.  He has flowing, fine copper red hair streaked with silver.  He has an angular face and a narrow nose.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a twisted witchwood staff twined with shards of glistening onyx in his left hand.
He is wearing an enameled ebon pendant, a long storm grey robe rippled with a deep black sheen, a pair of sleek black velvet gloves, a waxed black leather pouch, and a pair of dark leather boots.