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2019 Inventory

an embroidered gold and red tent, [Map Room 5], Lich #28163, go gold tent

[New Beginnings]
Haphazard piles of assorted armor and weaponry lay scattered around the edges of the large canvas tent. Thick modwir poles hold the awning aloft, and a thin mithril beam runs the length of the structure, strung with lanterns. A banner depicting a boar's head is hung on the rear wall.
Obvious exits: out

On the eonake weapon rack you see:

a pair of leather gauntlets studded with eonake and drakar for sale UAC (UNIDENTIFIED TYPE: FIXME) 2500
a crimson drake morning star with silvery eonake spikes for sale morning star 2500
a thin-bladed drake longsword with an eonake edge for sale longsword 3000
a slender crimson-flecked drake naginata with an eonake edge for sale naginata 15000
a rune-carved drake yierka-spur with eonake spikes for sale yierka-spur 3000
a pale red drake maul streaked with silvery eonake for sale maul 3000
an enruned drake warblade set with eonake runes for sale falchion 3000
an eonake-edged drake waraxe for sale handaxe 2500
a pair of leather boots toed with eonake-flecked drakar for sale UAC (UNIDENTIFIED TYPE: FIXME) 3000
an eonake-edged crimson drake backslasher for sale short sword 3000

On the large modwir stand you see:

a thin-bladed drake bladestaff for sale naginata 7200
a notched drake hatchet for sale handaxe 1100
a folded drake wakizashi for sale short sword 1000
an enruned drake arming sword for sale longsword 1100
a pair of drake-studded gloves for sale UAC (UNIDENTIFIED TYPE: FIXME) 1000
a bronze-hued drake spike-fist for sale yierka-spur 1000
a bundle of drake-tipped arrows for sale 1000
an ironwood-hafted drake sledgehammer for sale maul 1200
a pair of drake-toed shoes for sale UAC (UNIDENTIFIED TYPE: FIXME) 1500
gold-tipped drake spikestar 1200
a drakar-shod dark ironwood runestaff for sale runestaff 2000