Vornavis Caravansary Pawnshop

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Vornavis Caravansary Pawnshop is the only pawnshop in the Vornavis Caravansary, just north of Solhaven. This shop is housed in a plank-sided tent in the center of the Caravansary, on Tent Lane near Goodun's Cheap Used Stuff. This pawnshop buys and sells merchandise. It is run by the merchant Tylia.

Main Room

[Vornavis Caravansary Pawnshop] RNUM: 14583
Weathered planks and threadbare canvas combine to create the most abject structure in the caravansary. Even the bins that the pawned items are tossed into look like they're reused feed bins discarded by the caravansary stable. You also see the merchant Tylia.
Obvious exits: north, out


>look at Tylia
Tylia's hair is coming loose from a hastily woven braid down the center of her back.  It needs washing, but then, so does the rest of her.  She is wearing a man's tunic, two sizes too big for her scrawny frame, and a pair of breeches that may once have been black, but are now faded to a murky greyish brown.

Ambient Messaging

A burly voice comes from the back, "Ty owes me money, and by Charl's scaly backside, I am not leaving until I get it!"  Tylia pales visibly and surreptitiously empties the cash drawer into an old flour tin.

The skittering sound of tiny feet comes from a dark corner of the shop, but Tylia just glances fondly in that direction and continues with her work.

Tylia begins sorting through a pile of second-hand clothing, though there seems to be no rhyme or reason to how she seperates them.

Tylia launches into an off-color sailor's shanty that would bring a blush to any girl's ear.

Tylia stocks her shelves with new goods fresh off the caravan, pushing the new items haphazardly onto the shelves where they jumble with old ones in no particular order.

Tylia suddenly screeches at a stray cat that she has discovered sleeping in one of her bins on a cozy pile of old rags.  "Get out of here, you wretched beast!"

Sales Room

[Vornavis Caravansary Pawnshop] RNUM: 13014
Four oil lanterns hang from the plank walls, their repeated use leaving long, blackened stains on the tarpaulin roof overhead. A rusty wire supports a small sign hanging from the center support post. You also see a miscellaneous table with some stuff on it, an arcana table with some stuff on it, an armor table with some stuff on it and a weapon table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south


>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
Pretty to look at, and pretty to hold, but if you break it, consider it sold!