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A wandering tattoo (the colloquial name for a mayhem tattoo, also called a morphing tattoo) is a tattoo of a creature, humanoid or otherwise. As the name implies, the tattoo wanders the body, causing mayhem and morphing into different beings.


When receiving a mayhem tattoo, the base tattoo is customized. This must follow the standard short description rule, with "tattoo" in the final 15: 15/15/tattoo. Most creatures you can imagine which cannot be played are possible, including extraplanar beings. The customized description does not have to be one of the creatures or descriptions the tattoo an already shift into. The tattoo must show a being (as opposed to, say, flora.); as one GM merchant stated: it must have eyes. Wandering tattoos cannot have long or show descriptions.

The tattoo will either be attuned to the list of living creatures or to the list of undead creatures. The choice could be up to the customer or the merchant.

Living creature list:

Undead creature list:

Verb Traps

Mechanical Verbs

TOUCH (turn wandering on/off) As you trace the lines of your human tattoo, it grows more agitated, attempting to avoid your fingers.
As you trace the lines of your human tattoo, it seems to slow down a bit, calming its movements.
NUDGE/POKE/PROD/PUSH (manually makes the tattoo wander to a random location) You reach under your scruffy red bandana and give your nedum vereri tattoo a little prod. It seems to give a small start and wanders over to your neck before settling down.
RUB (changes color) As you rub your tattoo, it gives off a small shimmer and takes on a silver hue.
TAP (changes creature) As you tap your tattoo, its features rapidly shift into those of a shrickhen.
PULL (returns tattoo to base custom description) You tug on your shrickhen tattoo. It gives off a tiny pulse of light as its features quickly begin to shift.

Roleplaying Verbs

LOOK As you look upon the coiled worm tattoo, it shifts its gaze to meet your own in an almost accusational manner. It currently appears to be in an agitated state, milling around its area of skin restlessly.
CLENCH As you bunch up your wrist muscles to display a dark coiled worm tattoo, it glances about the area with an apathetic stare.
KISS/SMOOCH: Your coiled worm tattoo squirms and wriggles about as you plant your lips upon its face.
KNOCK (undead) As you knock upon your coiled worm tattoo, it teeters about on your skin.
KNOCK (living) As you knock upon your bear tattoo, it stumbles about dazedly!
LICK: As you lick your coiled worm tattoo, it seems to cringe and shudder in response.
PINCH/TURN As you tweak your coiled worm tattoo, it shuffles a bit and glares malevolently in the direction of your fingers.
SMELL/SNIFF: As you sniff at your coiled worm tattoo, it shifts in place and gives you a strange look.