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Golden pickles can be found every year at Picklefest in River's Rest. Any citizen who finds one can redeem it for one town service, once per year. These were conceived of and are redeemed by the town guru, GM Xayle. This page provides a (partial) list of town improvements requested by players which have been turned into reality, both large and small!

Completed Projects

The projects below have all been done in trade for a golden pickle.

Digging out Niima's Shrine

The area behind the altar at Niima's Shrine used to hold about four small items. Now it makes your eyes bleed when you look behind it, because River Rats are pack rats.

Requested by Kaldonis.

The Aardvark's Burrow

Snuffy's long time home was unveiled, and it is unsurprisingly located behind the Captain's Quarters, not far from Fluffy's hutch.

[River's Rest, Aardvark Burrow]
A circle of brush surrounds the mound top like a monk's tonsure, leaving its crest bare but for a number of weeds and an old rust-covered catapult. The tunnel into the ground narrows enough to make any further travel impossible, though enough light spills in to give a dim view of the surrounding burrow. Straw is scattered haphazardly here and there, its musty scent mingling with the loam of the earth and the gamy aroma of the creature that undoubtedly inhabits this space. Half of a troll skull turned to rest on its crown serves as a water bowl, and discarded nearby is a threadbare cotton ant toy.
Obvious exits: out

Requested by ???

A Place for Locksmiths

Although locksmiths used to climb up the willow tree in Town Commons, these days they just hang out in Commons. Some of them are not fond of standing all the time, so the luscious emerald grass in Commons is now more interactive:

>sit grass
You kneel in the grass, easily sinking into the worn depressions found there.

Requested by Starchitin to honor Widlebeest.

Fake Winterberry Ale

It's rumored that Malisai got 'fake' winterberry ale removed from a shop selling it in Icemule Trace, though this impostor ale seems to have cropped up again.

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