Witchful Thinking - 5119-11-21 - Foreign Aid (log)

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Eoantos 21-22, 5119

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • A ship approaches the Landing, but in the meantime Stephos DeArchon has a proposal. Having heard of the evacuation plans, he says he can move hundreds of citizens out to sea and return them when it's safe. Mayor Lylia asks what his fee would be and he says there is none, saying that he always seeks profits in appropriate times, but this isn't one. He'll comply with any demands of the militia or guard and would also be willing to have everything coordinated through Alendrial DeArchon instead of him if preferred. Lylia says she and Alendrial have worked well in the past. Stephos says he can have ships here by early next week and to reach out if she agrees.
  • The ship docks and undergoes an inspection, but soon enough an erithian man and woman emerge. Thadston comes by to affirm that it's the contacts he reached out to, then the militia bring the coffin with Disean inside. Thadston whispers something to it and touches it for a while, despite the cold aura, then nods to the militia escort and the erithians. They take it up the gangplank and load the ship, then the Erithi depart without a word. The ship pulls away, but it seems to slowly fade out of existence as it moves past the sea gate--though Thadston's unfazed, having seemingly expected it.
  • Thadston wishes everyone good night and says to be ready to murder Raznel and everyone in the way by month's end, even Peter.


Speaking to Lylia, Pukk says, "Have you thought about joining Cryheart? Everybody is doing it...."
Speaking to Cryheart, Ysharra says, "Did you hear that?  Everyone's doing you."
Cryheart asks, "Say what?"
Speaking to Cryheart, Ysharra says, "Joining you."
Cryheart says, "Oh."
Cryheart says, "That sounds more appropriate."
Ardwen says, "Cryheart hasn't had an inappropriate thought in at least 50 years."
Thrassus says, "Last time a mysterious ship came it was an amphibious assult."
Ardwen says, "That's been like the last 50 times."
Xorus says, "Erithians are a myth."
The simple boat glides in through the sea gate and moves to dock, as some militiamen move to board the ship and set about their inspections.
Speaking to Thrassus, Xorus says, "I saw a ki-lin, once."
Emerging from somewhere on the small ship appears an Erithian man and woman, both with alabaster skin and matching crystalline grey eyes.  Robes of gossamer drape down their lithe forms.  They watch the activity and the crowd at the docks.
Someone in the crowd nudges Xorus and points at the Erithians.
Xorus says, "Ki-lin and Erithians in the same week."
Xorus says, "Next we will see yeti, the bellacorn, and Rekarth."
A yeti just arrived.


Idle Chatter

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. There are obvious signs of someone hidden in the area. You also see some stone benches with some stuff on it and an herbal remedy donation bin.

Also here: Vantine, Sir Cryheart, Shinann, Maags, Valtizec, Senfyre, Skullgrinder, Lord Umbazi, Leifa, Lord Elkiros, Carefyre who is kneeling, Diamondelille who is sitting, Berost, Lord Dannore, Lord Monthas, Event Planner Leafiara, Ambassador Ardwen, Avalera, Alasatia, Lord Chamorr, Ziveen who is sitting, Grimust who is sitting, Illness, Pukk, Lady Wintersylph

The sky is filled with a blanket of low clouds, pale and unmoving. Sounds seem muffled and the air feels thick and takes on a quiet stillness.

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Leafiara!"

Speaking softly to Maags, Wintersylph says, "We are playing "Love Punch Pukk" tonight, join in please."

Leafiara recites:

"He means join Cryheart!"

Pukk asks, "Where is he?"

Pukk says, "Oh there he is."

Leifa sweetly says, "Honey honey."

Elkiros asks, "Is it time for everyone in town to die?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Pukk says, "You're so slow, I didn't see you creep in."

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Slow Poke...I mean Cryheart!"

>join cry

Cryheart is already a member of Shinann's group.

Pukk says, "Well, we can't."


Ardwen says, "He isn't slow, he's antique."

Jalodg: "Ahhhhhhhhhh!"

Pukk says, "Cryheart doesn't want to lead the Landing's groups anymore."

As Ardwen bounces off of Maags, small quantities of ash puff around them.

Cryheart says, "Aye, takes time to move."

Wintersylph softly says, "An Antique call the Antique Black."

Cryheart says, "Snow."

Speaking to Ardwen, Maags exclaims, "Careful!"

Jalodg: "I pushing backs those bandies on our belovings Icey-Landy Trail nows. Carefuls!"

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk says, "Okay, you're our new Cryheart."

Pukk recites:

"Everybody join Leafi!"

Maags says, "What."

Speaking despondently to Pukk, Leafiara says, "But he's right there and won't let us join."

Pukk says, "Look up."

Leafiara amusedly says, "Oh well."

Cryheart says, "Tis snowing."

Lylia: "Thank you for seeing to the bandits. I know such miscreants are more common than ever these days."

Maylan: "Send em through Lorminstra's gate!"

Maylan: "Perhaps I should sound the alarm, just in case those bandits get a little closer."

Lylia: "No alarm is needed."

Leifa says, "I can't wait to see your new bank account if that's true, Leafiara."

Maylan: "Are you quite sure?"

Jalodg: "Yah, they never doings no good deeds, Lorminstra gives em the high heel bootie!"

Chamorr heartily says, "Ow."

Speaking softly to Bernadette, Wintersylph says, "We're Playing "Love Punch Pukk" tonight, give him yer best shot."

Maylan: "Good deeds like droppin gems in the right place at the right time?"

Speaking to Ardwen, Leifa asks, "Are you giving her a note or...?"

Jalodg: "Maybe they not gets so close but if anyones wantings to helpings you can finds me not too fars from the chasmy."

Bernadette softly says, "I best not."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Pukk says, "She's smarter than your average giantkin."

Speaking softly to Pukk, Wintersylph asks, "What does that mean?"

Morofinwe: "High heel bootie...now there's...no, never mind."

Bernadette softly says, "Not that I couldnt, just that I shouldnt."

Speaking to Wintersylph, Pukk exclaims, "Exactly!"

Speaking softly to Pukk, Wintersylph says, "Oh, I get it."

Jalodg: "Hi, palsy! What you sayings?"

Leafiara amusedly says, "Alright, heading east, I guess."

Bernadette softly says, "Good idea tho."

Leafiara asks, "Is it just me or didn't we used to meet in the square?"

Bernadette softly says, "We did Im spectin."

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a poofy piebald flop-eared kitten, a pudgy frosting-covered dormouse, the Maags disk, a volatile aurora spirit that is flying around, a black-toed saddleback foxhound, the Guarrin disk, a cloaked figure, a polished bleakstone statue and a large purple wooden barrel.

Stormyrain tries to pinch Ardwen, but he grabs her hand just in time and pinches Stormyrain instead!

Maags says, "He prefers to be tickled."

Maags sneaks up to Ardwen.

Maags tickles Ardwen.

Jalodg: "Not badsy indeeds, giving these bandies a lessons."

Ardwen says, "No."

Maags exclaims, "Everybodies join Ardwen!"

Speaking to Maags, Pukk says, "No, Ardwen doesn't kiss good."

Speaking to Pukk, Maags asks, "The Knight does?"

Speaking to Pukk, Maags says, "I did not think he ever kissed anybodies."

Cryheart asks, "Ye speaking of me?"

Jalodg: "Ands the Trail is safesy! Horrays to the Landy and Icemules!"

Lylia: "Thank you for that."

Jalodg: "You gots it Mayory. How it goings in the Landy?"

Lylia: "As well as can be expected, under the circumstances."

Ardwen says, "This place is great, people just wander in for pinches."

Lylia says, "Just so."

Speaking to Melikor, Ysharra says, "Sometimes one's aim is off from their target, Dart Champ."

Jalodg: "Ifs I can helping, please let me knows. I can help armors protects against certain elementies, ifs helps."

Speaking to Lylia, Pukk says, "Have you thought about joining Cryheart? Everybody is doing it...."

Speaking to Falvicar, Maags exclaims, "Halflings are not snacks!"

Speaking to Ysharra, Melikor says, "Yes, exactly."

Lylia says, "I considered it."

Ardwen says, "Everyone is not doing any such thing."

Speaking to Cryheart, Ysharra says, "Did you hear that? Everyone's doing you."

Cryheart asks, "Say what?"

Speaking to Cryheart, Ysharra says, "Joining you."

Speaking to Ardwen, Pukk says, "It is my special magical power....people seem to do what I tell them to...sometimes."

Speaking to Maags, Soneiken says, "I love Halflin snacks."

Cryheart says, "Oh."

Cryheart says, "That sounds more appropriate."

Ardwen says, "Cryheart hasn't had an inappropriate thought in at least 50 years."

Cryheart says, "At the least."

Lylia: "I appreciate that."

Stephos' Proposal

A small ship can be seen on the horizon as misshapen flakes of snow drift down from the sky, mixing with specks of ash floating in from the Lower Dragonsclaw forest.

Speaking to Ardwen, Pukk says, "That's because he takes his time."

Zosopage says, "Uh oh."

Rasson says, "To the docks."

Cryheart says, "Ok, ship."

Chamorr heartily says, "Ship ahoy."

Cryheart says, "To the docks."

Speaking to Maags, Soneiken says, "Yummies."

Speaking to Soneiken, Maags says, "Problies is a gnome in disguise."

Cryheart says, "Moving out quickly."


[Wehnimer's, North Dock]

The dock's planks are dull and weathered from the salt spray of many seasons. Northward beyond the massive sea gates, a flock of ice geese passes, silhouetted against the sky over the waters of Darkstone Bay. The hulk of a derelict coastal sailer is tethered to the end of the pier. You also see a pretty flower girl, a black imperial wagon with a glowing blue-white pylon on it, the blood red waters of Darkstone Bay, a stack of empty crates, some huge wooden crates and some stacked piles of supplies.

Berost deeply asks, "Tha dwarf again .... ?"

Cryheart: "A ship be arriving it appears."

Lylia says, "I doubt it. He would have no need to travel by ship."

Speaking deeply to Leafiara, Berost says, "Would be like him ta get a damned boat now is all."

Chamorr heartily says, "Maybe that's Disean's transport."

Speaking to Berost, Leafiara says, "I'm thinking he's disappeared into the Bleaklands along with his real body, but we'll see."

Speaking to Chamorr, Leafiara agrees, "Probably!"

Maags exclaims, "Oh problies!"

Goldstr says, "Might be Bear."

Ardwen says, "It's probably my supply of whiskey coming in."

Speaking to Cryheart, Zosopage says, "You need some pegs down around your knees for the more vertically challenged to be able to hold on to you."

Cryheart says, "Ye hae to share then."

Speaking to Ardwen, Leafiara admits, "Well, you're one of not many who can afford a private ship delivery."

Berost deeply exclaims, "Lets go drinkinn then!"

Ysharra asks, "Where has Roblar been as of late?"

Speaking to Ardwen, Maags exclaims, "Careful, Maylan is here to takes delivery then!"

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "I have not seen him in a few days."

Speaking to Ysharra, Melikor says, "I saw him a few days ago."

Lylia says, "Good to know."

Cryheart: "We be at the north dock."

Ysharra says, "His presence is both disquieting and comforting during events like these."

Speaking interestedly to Goldstr, Pukk asks, "Chubs?"

Ysharra says, "Depending on how things unfold."

Speaking haltingly to a white-tailed broom hare, Ysharra says, "You again..."

Speaking to Cryheart, Maags says, "He is angries I called him Ragnar earlier."

Cryheart says, "I think ye insulted Ragnar."

Speaking softly to a white-tailed broom hare, Ysharra says, "I don't know if I want to call you Hare, though..."

Cryheart says, "No eating the people."

Cryheart nods to the saddleback foxhound.

A small ship glides through the night, moving into the area of blood red waters as it seems to approach in the direction of the docks of town.

Speaking to Ysharra, Pukk asks, "Bad hare day?"

Zosopage says, "A single ship. Well that bodes well at least."

Lazaryth says, "Pukk."

Speaking to Cryheart, Leifa says, "Just kittens."

Lazaryth says, "You've reached a new level."

Melikor says, "We'll see."

Berost deeply says, "Welp, we be findin' out soon. Might easy target we be at tha moment tho."

Goldstr asks, "Mayhaps da Pylons an golems bein delivered?"

Speaking to Lazaryth, Pukk says, "I do it without trying...puns are meant to be abused."

Speaking to a white-tailed broom hare, Ysharra says, "I like Prince better. Like from the old story. Of a thousand enemies..."

Speaking to Goldstr, Zosopage says, "Good call."

Speaking musingly to Goldstr, Leafiara says, "I hope Octaven has more than one ship of those, but it's possible."

Speaking to Xorus, Maags says, "Yous has admirerers in Icemule seems."

Maags offers Xorus a dark thanot scholar statuette.

Xorus accepts Maags's scholar statuette.

Xorus says, "The likeness is uncanny."

Lylia says, "It is quite a fine likeness."

Thrassus says, "Last time a mysterious ship came it was an amphibious assult."

Speaking to Xorus, Lylia says, "However, my statue is bigger."

Stormyrain says, "This could be Disean's transport, mayhaps? Thadston did mention it last night."

Ardwen says, "That's been like the last 50 times."

Speaking to Xorus, Maags says, "I knew right away it was yous. Someone mus has dropped it."

Maags exclaims, "By accident of course!"

Evia says, "Maybe."

Speaking to Thrassus, Ysharra says, "And then there was Praxopius' behemoth."

Zosopage says, "Ahh right."

Speaking to Maags, Lylia says, "Someone is certain to miss such a fine creation."

Speaking to Lylia, Xorus says, "Undeniably."

Ysharra says, "And that one time we waited on a dock for an hour to watch a one-eyed man shuffle over to Helga's and drop a rag for us to sniff."

Speaking to Lylia, Maags says, "I do not know if perhaps they were traveling thru. I tried to find the owner."

Speaking wistfully to Ysharra, Leafiara says, "Good times."

Speaking to Lylia, Maags says, "Or perhaps they are fans of the professor and are leaving them around." Maags grins.

Lord Stephos just arrived.

Speaking to Lazaryth, Ysharra says, "You laugh like it's funny. But it's the gods' honest truth."

Ardwen says, "Can't forget the time we stood on the dock while they came in thru the tunnels."

Stormyrain says, "But..of course you're involved."

Speaking to Stephos, Leafiara sighs, "Well, what brings you here?"

Speaking warmly to Maags, Lylia says, "Ever thoughtful, ever diligent."

Speaking to Ysharra, Lazaryth says, "Ysharra. It is funny."

Cryheart asks, "Ye expecting a shipment, Stephos?"

Lylia flatly says, "Stephos."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "Let me get this out of the way. Are you a golem?"

Stephos says, "The crowd. I had sought the Mayor. I assumed you'd all gather with a ship coming, waiting to see what banner it bears."

Stephos peers quizzically at Ysharra.

Stephos says, "No."

Ardwen says, "If this is a shipload of whiskey find yer own."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "I'm satisfied."

Lylia says, "Seeking me? Oh, how fortunate."

Leifa mouths, "Smuggling?"

Stephos says, "I'm aware of some of the plans for the citizens of this town."

Speaking to Leafiara, Pukk exclaims, "See how easy that is...just ask them and you get the answers!"

Evia says, "How amazing."

Leafiara dryly says, "Oh, here we go."

Ardwen asks, "We have plans?"

Speaking to Stephos, Soneiken says, "Perhaps Briar Cove, coming to get you...Joking, joking."

Speaking to Ardwen, Lylia says, "We do."

Lazaryth murmurs, "Word travels quickly."

Ardwen says, "Well hell why don't I know them."

Stephos glances at Soneiken.

Speaking to Ardwen, Maags says, "It was onlies jus discussed last night."

Speaking to Ardwen, Stormyrain says, "Because I haven't had a chance to tell you yet. By the way, we have plans. We need to evacuate the town."

Lylia says, "We shall all know them soon."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Chamorr asks, "Scuse me, but, can we whack him?"

Stephos says, "I know one of the ideas floated was some movement of citizens by sea."

Ardwen says, "Evacuate? as if I'd ever do such a thiung."

Lylia wearily says, "No. Alendrial would undoubtedly be vexed."

Madmountan says, "Floated."

Evia says, "Clever, clever, floated...sea."

Thrassus says, "That'd be a tad unseemly."

Speaking to Chamorr, Pukk says, "Take it to a room."

Monthas says, "He made a funny."

Stephos says, "I have various resources, and I will offer my aid, in that regard, if you would like it. I could provide several ships to safely move hundreds of citizens out to sea and return when undoubtedly it is safe once more."

Speaking to Chamorr, Pukk says, "No whacking him here."

Lylia asks, "What is your fee?"

Ardwen says, "If I wandered off Cryheart might steal alla my booze."

Speaking heartily to Stephos, Chamorr asks, "Why?"

Thrassus says, "Probably half of what Mother would charge."

Speaking to Stephos, Goldstr asks, "Fer nae a price?"

Speaking to Thrassus, Stormyrain murmurs, "Or twice as much."

Cryheart whispers something to Guarrin.

Pukk whispers something to Leafiara.

Madmountan sarcastically says, "Now come on people, Stephos just cares deeply for this town and wants to help out of the kindness of his heart, surely."

Pukk whispers something to Leafiara.

Leafiara whispers something to Pukk.

Ardwen asks, "He has one of those?"

Lylia says, "This is why I asked up front about the fee."

Leifa snidely says, "And make a fast bag of coins."

Dannore says, "I just hope he doesn't come back selling sausages."

Ardwen says, "As if coins are bad."

Lylia replies, "I have no objection to payment for services rendered."

Speaking heartily to Lylia, Chamorr says, "He would take yer payment, then sell the townsfolks to the krols as slaves."

Lylia says, "I do not, however, appreciate treachery."

Ysharra says, "Some bargains are worth making."

Evia says, "Nor lechery, I betcha."

Stephos says, "I'm sorry, the sea is loud." [Kenstrom had been AFK for a bit]

Lylia says, "Not if some of those among the townsfolk being moved by water are ones he finds useful or valuable himself."

Speaking wryly to Stephos, Leafiara says, "Uh-huh."

Lylia hisses, "Then I suggest you listen more closely when I speak of payment."

Stephos says, "I have no fee."

Xorus says, "This is what happens when you stand next to the sound."

Leifa dismissively says, "He's bluffing."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra asks, "You get the fury?"

Monthas says, "A hero of the people."

Madmountan says, "What I'm hearing is...that he seeks no quid pro quo."

Stephos says, "I'm hardly a hero."

Stephos says, "I am a citizen of Wehnimer's Landing though."

Speaking to Stephos, Leifa asks, "Just here out of the good of your heart then?"

Leafiara frankly says, "Would be less suspicious if you -did- charge a fee."

Stephos says, "Pardoned by Mayor Cruxophim before you."

Evia says, "Blargh."

Speaking deeply to Stephos, Berost says, "An could have offered at any point of sufferin in tha last six months ..."

Monthas says, "Stepping up to help people. You would be one in my book."

Lylia simply says, "Yes. I am aware. I am also aware that a pardon is an admission of guilt. Innocent people do not need them."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "What do you want, then?"

Stephos says, "I will always seek profits, in times that are appropriate."

Ardwen says, "This town lets pretty much any criminal or reprobate become a resident it seems."

Stephos says, "This is not a time to seek profits."

Speaking to Ardwen, Maylan says, "Pretty much, aye."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra asks, "You wish to make this...open-ended, then?"

Speaking to Ardwen, Maylan exclaims, "It's the frontier way!"

Stephos says, "No."

Speaking to Dannore, Monthas says, "I like this guy."

Zosopage says, "A pardon can also be an admission of being wrong."

Lylia says, "And indeed, there is not much profit to be made from corpses. They are worth far less than customers."

Stephos says, "I mean, I am not one to avoid collecting some sort of reward, benefit, or profit, in normal situations."

Stephos says, "This is not one of those situations."

Speaking to Leafiara, Zosopage says, "Without looking as being wrong."

Ardwen asks, "Is it me or is this boat taking a long time to get here?"

Cryheart says, "Seems so."

Monthas says, "And here we stand... in the blowing snow."

Stephos says, "In addition, I will fully comply with any demands of the militia or guard. I would permit guards on the ships, inspections of the ships before hand..."

Maags whispers something to Lylia.

Speaking quietly to Ardwen, Taloin explains, "Weather."

Lylia whispers something to Maags.

Stephos says, "...and if you'd prefer to coordinate and handle all through my wife, Councilwoman Alendrial, I support that too."

Ardwen says, "The weather is glorious."

'Speaking to Stephos, Umbazi asks, "Where would the ships be going?"

Madmountan says, "There's nothing quite like misshapen snowflakes."

Speaking to Stephos, Lylia says, "I was just about to suggest that, in fact. Alendrial and I have worked well together in the past. I see no reason why we cannot do so again."

Speaking to Stephos, Leafiara says, "Should've sent her to begin with if that was on the table."

Stephos says, "Various locations. Properly documented and communicated with a choice few of the Mayor's and Captains' choosings."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "I would like to believe you. We do have need and the hour is dire."

Stephos nods at Lylia.

Monthas says, "Don't eat yellow snow."

Madmountan says, "I only eat yellow snow created by Roblar. It's like eating your spinach or something."

Leifa optimistically says, "Well, this could be advantageous."

Speaking to Stephos, Umbazi says, "That sounds rather vague. And most towns wouldn't wand a good population of another region just dropped in their laps."

Lylia notes, "You have fewer krolvin to whom you could sell the stronger townsfolk as slaves. Glaoveln is a testament to that."

The single ship moves closer into view, gliding towards the north docks. The ship is simple, lacking any real fanfare, save for a small grey owl carving at the front of the vessel.

Speaking to Stephos, Umbazi says, "So names of locations would be good."

Morofinwe: "Owly has a ship!"

Razanetika softly says, "It's Leafi's ship."

Ardwen asks, "Why do they always choose this dock?"

Speaking to Razanetika, Leafiara jests, "No, Owly's."

Stephos says, "To be fair, and in an effort to keep the archives of history accurate, I did not sell townspeople to krolvin."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "You as the Scourge of Glaoveln would know."

Speaking to Stephos, Maylan asks, "Didja hand them over for free, then?"

Stephos says, "I sold weapons to krolvin to arm them in fighting imperials. Arguably less worrisome than Earlkillers among this crowd."

Umbazi asks, "DId I say anything about selling townspeople to Krolvin?"

Lylia says, "Oh, I would bet you say that to all the annihilators of our enemies."

Stephos says, "But, blood water under the bridge."

Stephos waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "No. Just you and one other."

Lylia whispers something to Xorus.

Ardwen asks, "Hmm ya armed the Kral?"

Evia says, "May be under the bridge but we still know where the bridge was."

Stephos says, "But I am not here to relive the past, or remind people of our differences."

Lylia says, "No. Quite so."

Stephos says, "I have made my offer. Please reach out if you agree."

Cryheart says, "Hmm...a small grey owl."

Stephos says, "I can have the ships here by early next week."

Stephos bows.

Speaking to Stephos, Lylia says, "A moment."

Ardwen exclaims, "Owly has a kid!"

Stephos says, "I'll leave you to your visitor at sea."

Stephos peers quizzically at Lylia.

Stephos asks, "Yes?"

Gostcrow says, "When she wakes she will likely be mad I brought her, since she don't know me."

Speaking to Stephos, Soneiken says, "Clearly still connected you are."

Stephos says, "Clearly."

Stephos nods at Soneiken.

Cryheart says, "That could be a private ship."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "It was good to see you again."

Lylia says, "Give Alendrial my regards, and let her know to expect a letter. She and I have a good bit to discuss."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "I'm sorry about your house."

Stephos grins at Ysharra.

Stephos nods at Lylia.

Stephos shrugs at Ysharra.

Speaking reluctantly to Stephos, Lylia says, "And... thank you."

Speaking to Stephos, Ysharra says, "You should rebuild, it was a lovely home."

Stephos says, "We plan to."

Lylia whispers something to Ysharra.

Ardwen says, "I'll send so Kral for a housewarming for ya."

Stephos says, "Rebuilding our home just doesn't seem a priority when the town is starving."

Stephos says, "Good eve."

Stephos bows.

Lord Stephos just went west.

Mythical Beings

Raelee mentions, "... The grey owl is the symbol of the Eloth Dai. My familiar does not have its own ship."

Lazaryth noncommittally says, "Mm."

Lylia says, "Well, well...will wonders never cease."

Maags says, "That was unexpected."

Ysharra says, "I don't trust him further than I can throw him, no..."

Speaking amusedly to Raelee, Leafiara says, "We know. We're only joking."

Shinann says, "I thought so, also."

Ysharra says, "But looking him over, I bet I could throw him pretty far."

Xorus says, "Erithians are a myth."

Gostcrow says, "I should leave, I am too young to be of use here."

Chamorr heartily says, "Wherever he takes dem, they will have to be rescues."

Umbazi says, "You could spike thorn him even further."

Speaking to Ysharra, Lylia says, "I do not trust him. I do, however, trust that he will be predictable, at least inasmuch as --"

Speaking to Gostcrow, Lazaryth says, "Feel free to stay."

Speaking to Gostcrow, Lazaryth asks, "What's your name?"

The simple boat glides in through the sea gate and moves to dock, as some militiamen move to board the ship and set about their inspections.

Speaking to Umbazi, Ysharra says, "My gardening is quite showy, yes."

Speaking to Gostcrow, Lylia says, "You are taller than me, and clearly no child. By all means, stay."

Leifa says, "As the Mayor pointed out, he does have means to solve some issues."

Speaking to Thrassus, Xorus says, "I saw a ki-lin, once."

Lylia agrees, "He does."

Lylia shows Thrassus her ki-lin horn.

Gostcrow says, "I am fresh from a turnip farm."

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "I know from whence that came."

Ysharra says, "And from who."

Thrassus says, "Yes, when you see these legendary creatures you have to get proof."

Speaking to Gostcrow, Lylia says, "I hope your turnips are faring well, then, despite the blight. It seems to be spreading."

Lazaryth whispers something to Gostcrow.

Speaking to Lylia, Ysharra says, "My daughter tends towards being humble, but she had a bit of a gleam to her eye when she told me of the hunt."

Razanetika softly says, "Someone needs to learn how to steer a ship faster."

Speaking to Thrassus, Madmountan says, "There's nothing like slaughtering an engangered species for sport to really get the blood pumping."

Gostcrow says, "Came here seeking work as all the cropshave wilted and died."

Speaking to Razanetika, Lylia says, "Perhaps it is slow for a reason."

Shinann says, "It is docked."

Lylia says, "Blood is, after all, thicker than water."

Shinann says, "And being inspected."

Speaking softly to Lylia, Razanetika says, "Good point."

Ysharra says, "And then reanimating it to prance around town for fun."

Leifa says, "They're unloading."

Speaking to Razanetika, Rasson says, "Walk out and pull it in."

Rasson says, "Walk."

Razanetika softly says, "Well someone should go help it."

Madmountan says, "That's my next goal. RIding a reanimated ki'lin into town."

Emerging from somewhere on the small ship appears an Erithian man and woman, both with alabaster skin and matching crystalline grey eyes. Robes of gossamer drape down their lithe forms. They watch the activity and the crowd at the docks.

Speaking to Razanetika, Taloin says, "Seems you have volunteered."

Speaking to Gostcrow, Lazaryth says, "I can't point you toward any paying work, but if you want to find a use for idle hands, I hear the militia is hiring."

Maylan yells, "Ahoy, folks!"

Someone in the crowd nudges Xorus and points at the Erithians.

Xorus says, "Ki-lin and Erithians in the same week."

Razanetika softly says, "An there's the snow."

Lylia briskly says, "At any rate, if we are to take Stephos up on such an offer, then there must be a means of securing his continued cooperation. If not payment, then..."."

Thrassus says, "Decent enough specimens."

Speaking softly to Xorus, Razanetika says, "Wakes up."

Ysharra says, "Well. In any case, myth or not, here they come."

Evia asks, "How long do we anticipate the evacuees will be away?"

Xorus says, "Next we will see yeti, the bellacorn, and Rekarth."

Zosopage says, "Perhaps Stephos simply wants to help the town."

Speaking interestedly to Xorus, Leafiara says, "Oh, I remember your story of the bellacorn. I really want to see those."

Ysharra whispers something to Xorus.

Lylia says, "No gnomes, I hope."

Speaking softly to Leafiara, Razanetika says, "No time for dreaming woman."

Speaking to Zosopage, Rasson says, "Most all that have offered help had other motives so far."

Speaking offhandedly to Razanetika, Leafiara says, "You know me and dangerous, unusual creatures."

A yeti just arrived.

A yeti just went west.

Speaking surprisedly to Xorus, Leafiara says, "Huh, ya called it again."

Cryheart says, "Hmmm."

Balley softly says, "We should not make judgments until we hear what people have to say."

Chamorr heartily says, "Sheesh."

Razanetika softly says, "Well that was one out of three."

Speaking to Rasson, Zosopage says, "It would be in Stehpos' better interest that the town stays safe."

Monthas says, "Next we will see pink devils."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "Now wish for a Naimorai Kestrel manacled to a kroderine spit."

Ardwen says, "It went into Arcane."

Speaking to Razanetika, Rasson asks, "Sofal walking around in that yeti costume again?"

Lazaryth says, "Mm. If there's one mythical thing I'd like to see, it's peace."

Maags says, "Someone will be warm tonight."

Speaking to Ysharra, Xorus says, "I am not one to judge."

Speaking to Xorus, Ysharra says, "Liar."

Cryheart says, "Shaggy will take care of the yeti."

Ardwen says, "It was probably an old member in need of a shave."

Speaking to Maags, Bbee says, "I won't get frisky, I promise."

Ardwen asks, "Really old? Are there any non-old members in there?"

Maags exclaims, "The air is frisk enough!"

Speaking to a white-tailed broom hare, Ysharra says, "Shh, Prince. You'll be all right."

Leifa asks, "What else is getting off this ship....?"

Balley softly says, "I really need to get a new coat. This snow is cold."

Lazaryth asks, "..what are we doing?"

Ysharra says, "Waiting."

Goldstr asks, "Militia see da cargo yet?"

Speaking musingly to Lazaryth, Leafiara says, "A very long inspection, apparently."

Lazaryth asks, "Why are we waiting?"

Maags says, "They are checking."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Lylia says, "I confess to a certain amount of curiosity about late-night visitors."

Shinann says, "They are finishing up."

Speaking to a smoke wolf, Rasson says, "You are not hungry..."

Ysharra says, "We're the welcome wagon. Surely you've heard the term."

Speaking to Balley, Zosopage says, "I'd bet you have one in that huge clothing closet of yours."

Speaking to Balley, Bbee says, "You should try wearing a loincloth in this weather."

Chamorr heartily says, "It's a whole load of Lylia golems."

Lazaryth noncommittally says, "Mm."

Sending Disean Off

Lord Thadston just limped in.

Leafiara recalls, "Thadston did say a while back that he was reaching out to an erithian contact, so... I suppose this is them."

Thadston slowly empties his lungs.

Ysharra says, "We always bring our demons, our rabbits, kittens and captains...ah."

Balley softly says, "No thanks."

Thadston says, "Yes. It is."

Speaking to Thadston, Leafiara adds, "Or you can confirm that."

Lylia says, "Somehow, I doubt that. There is only one."

Balley softly says, "Hello Thadston."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "You missed the yeti."

Speaking heartily to Thadston, Chamorr says, "Howdy."

Speaking to Thadston, Leifa says, "Took you long enough."

Speaking to Thadston, Goldstr says, "Evenin Sir Andrews."

Ardwen says, "Yeti is sitting by the fire in Arcane."

Speaking concernedly to Thadston, Ysharra asks, "How's the wound?"

Speaking to Thadston, Zosopage says, "That must have been the best timing yet for you to walk in."

Speaking to Ardwen, Lylia says, "Quite hospitable of you."

Thadston shrugs at Ysharra.

Ardwen says, "I didn't let him in."

Ardwen says, "Doorman recognized him."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra asks, "That well, eh?"

A wagon arrives, escorted by some militiaman, and upon it rests a large crystalline coffin.

Cryheart says, "Hah."

Thadston glances at a large crystalline coffin.

Leafiara slowly says, "Ah... they're -doubling- as Disean's transport too."

Goldstr says, "Ahhhh."

Zosopage says, "Bye bye Disean."

>look cof

The coffin is nearly translucent, crafted purely out of a smooth, crystalline substance. Upon closer inspection, faint whorls of golden runes can be seen, almost infused into the material. Inside is a young human with dark steel grey eyes and a bald head. A ring of scars in the shape of a crown mar his head.

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra asks, "Where is he going?"

Thadston clenches his jaw.

Speaking to Thadston, Thrassus asks, "That far off?"

Thadston says, "You know I can't discuss that."

Ardwen asks, "How many of these coffins have we seen thru the years?"

Speaking heartily to Ysharra, Chamorr says, "Better not to know."

Lylia says, "Of course."

Speaking to Ardwen, Stormyrain says, "Too many."

Ardwen says, "They never work."

Ysharra says, "Look, hardly anyone answers my questions, I'm still going to ask."

Rasson says, "Bottom of the middle of the bay would be ok..."

Thadston moves over to the coffin, pausing momentarily. He leans over and seems to whisper something unheard.

Thadston clenches his jaw.

Ardwen says, "No depositing things in my bay."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "...I am sorry."

Zosopage says, "The less we know where he is going the less chance of the wrong people finding out."

Lylia whispers something to Thadston.

Thadston places his hand on the crystalline coffin, unphased by its magical cold aura. He does not wince, he does not pull away. He holds it for a moment, closes his eyes and clenches his jaw once more. He then nods to the militia escort, and the Erithian man and woman on the ship.

Monthas says, "It's uhh really cold."

Umbazi asks, "Who's in the coffin?"

Cryheart says, "Disean."

Zosopage says, "Well if you are going somewhere hot you need not worry about the heat."

Lazaryth whispers something to Umbazi.

Umbazi says, "Ah."

Speaking to Thadston, Ysharra says, "Perhaps time will be kind to your memory of him. And you will regain his youth, rather than the past few years."

Lylia whispers something to Umbazi.

Bbee says, "Not me, that's all that's important, I ain't in there."

The militia escort the wagon to the edge of the docks and slowly and carefully under Thadston's gaze hoists the coffin out of the wagon and begin to slowly walk up a gangplank up to the Erithian ship.

Raelee whispers something to Ysharra.

A dwarven recruiter calls out to Zaxabar, "You there! You look like just the kind of person I'm looking for! The Guardians of Sunfist are always looking for volunteers in the fight against the Grimswarm! Defend your town, learn valuable combat skills, and earn glory with us! Travel to our headquarters in Zul Logoth to sign up!"

The militia help load the coffin onto the deck of the ship and then depart, heading back down the gangplank. The Erithi say nothing, only nod and they disappear beneath the deck of the ship.

Thadston nods.

Speaking to a dwarven recruiter, Lylia says, "There is a time and a place."

Maylan says, "Farewell."

Ardwen asks, "You don't wanna become a dwarf?"

Xorus whispers something to Lylia.

Speaking heartily to Thadston, Chamorr asks, "Is there an escort?"

The small ship begins to pull away from the dock, navigating out through the sea gate. But as they move beyond, the very ship itself begins to slowly fade out of existance as if disappearing altogether.

Lylia whispers something to Xorus.

Thadston nods.

Bbee exclaims, "Bbetter to bbe a dwarf than a slug!"

Chamorr heartily says, "Nice."

Speaking to Raelee, Soneiken asks, "Were those the Famous twin Mages of the Eloth?"

Taloin says, "Well that was enlightening."

Speaking to herself, Stormyrain murmurs, "Well then."

Leafiara curiously asks, "Teleportation, huh?"

Ardwen says, "I need one of those boats."

Thadston turns around.

Speaking to Soneiken, Raelee says, "... I would direct that query to Thadston."

Thadston darkly says, "Goodnight."

Lord Thadston just limped west.

Raelee says, "But perhaps not tonight."

Leafiara slowly says, "Okay then."

Dannore says, "Someone should have asked HIM if he was a golem."

Speaking to Raelee, Soneiken asks, "But you did say the Owl was the Eloth Dai, yes?"

Goldstr asks, "Erithians has dat kinda magics?"

Speaking offhandedly to Dannore, Leafiara says, "He's been one before. We know to look for it."

Speaking to Soneiken, Raelee says, "I did."

Stormyrain says, "He's not. That was most certainly Thadston."

Lord Thadston just came marching in.

Thrassus says, "It's simple invisibility."

Thadston says, "...and be ready."

Lylia replies, "Always."

Soneiken asks, "Have you ever seen them?"

Leafiara agrees, "Two days, next paragon."

Thadston says, "Because by month's end we're going to murder that blood sucking witch and everyone that stands in our way, even Peter himself. I don't care."

Bbee asks, "Um?"

Thadston says, "Be ready to kill."

Lord Thadston just limped west.